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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Essence Stay All Day Longlasting Lipglosses: Swatch and Review

Ok, firstly, I just want to apologize for my sudden lack of blog posts. I was very focused on my youtube channel (also called beautywithgenevieve) but from now on in, I promise, dear followers, that I will be posting regularly. You can hold me to that if you want, as now you have it in writing.
Rightio, now onto the reason why you probably clicked on this post to start off with, the lipglosses! What girl doesn't love a good gloss? These 'Stay All Day Longlasting Lipglosses' by Essence are certainly one of my favourites.
I think that the explanation of them is in the name. They do really, stay all day. They are non-sticky and a super dooper glossy. Plus, they are under $5! BARGAIN! Also, they have a very interesting applicator. It is sort of rounded twice, if that makes any sense at all; this is why I have pictures.
The two delightful colours that I have are 'trendsetter' ( a bright raspberry-pink) and 'my favourite milkshake' (a pale peachy- pink).

When I apply these, it is honestly as if i have just put on a glossy lipstick. They are just so creamy. They're the type of glosses that your hair won't get stuck to if you walk out in the wind.

Thanks so much for almost 75 followers :) it means so much! Also, what do you all think about the new set-up of the blog?? 


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