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Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Nail Polish Collection & Storage: Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen, Australis Etc.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Revlon Red, OPI charged up cherry, Essie mod squad, Essie tart deco, Australis sweet pea, Essie borrowed and blue, Sally Hansen pacific blue & ulta 3 clear.
 Hello lovelies. Today's post is going to be my nail polish collection and storage. It is quite petit but that is honestly the way I like it. I absolutely hate to see girls who hoard a ridiculous amount of nail polish and cosmetics. I for one, used to do that but have now realized that it was outrageous.
My make-up collection should be coming in a while so I hope you will be looking forward to that.

I store my nail polishes in an empty, cleaned out candle jar. There once was a lovely scented, vanilla candle in there but I burned it all out. It's actually quite a good way to recycle the jar and it looks so cute. This barely takes up any space and makes my nail polishes easy to access.




  1. I have about the same no. of nail polishes as you do :)
    The Australis one looks nice!

  2. Essies Borrowed and Blue is so pretty!! I wish I had it, I can never find it anywhere! Did u buy it online?

    1. sure did, off beautybay.com
      great website and came in about 2 weeks xo

  3. I love essies "Tart Deco"! you have some really pretty colours :)

  4. Just found your blog and I absolutely love it! I'm guilty of having quite a few nail polishes unfortunately - but I just can't help myself!

  5. love your collection! will have to check out essie on beauty bay! (im aussie too) great post! xx


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