Thursday, 30 January 2014

M.A.C Pigment in Melon | The Swatch

I love a M.A.C pigment, yes i do. I love a M.A.C pigment, how about you?
Yep, there's something enchanting about some golden-y glitter in a little, acrylic pot. I'm yet to find out what gets me every time with pigments. *Places an order on for 20 more* They must derive it from fairy dust or diamonds or something spesh.

My candidate today is 'Melon', a copper with slight rosy undertones. Think All That Glitters but with more glitter, in pigment form. (If I haven't sold this prod to you yet then my blogging career calls for an end). It's just heavenly - messy, but heavenly.

I know that it's strange enough already to be so addicted to cosmetics but this takes my obsession to the next level. Who new that was possible?

These pigments look to-die-for when applied all over the eyelids. However, I'd recommend giving your shadow brush a couple of water-spritzes first. 'Why?', you ask - because this stuff can be a bit of attention whore and looking beautiful on the eyelids just isn't enough. It will fall all over your pretty, little face and before you know it, you've turned into a glistening ball of glitter. Sounds appealing, really isn't.

This is definitely a show stopper. Some primer, a dusting of melon and that amazing winged eyeliner you've been practising - perfection. Just enough sparkle for a party but not too much that it is unacceptable for everyday where. I can assure that this will never run out (everlasting gobstopper but in pigment form) unless you're a serial glitter-user. No shame there.

M.A.C's expensive, we all know it - but hey, when a makeup prod looks this good you just have to bite the bullet.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

What M.A.C pigment should I try out next?



  1. I have Vanilla and it's so beautiful as a highlight! I also really want to try tan and naked as they both look lovely!:)x

  2. The MAC pigments sound so amazing, I'm completely blown away by the colour of this one and its pigmentation... I'd just be frightened to use it incase I ended up with glitter sliding down my face haha!

    Kathryn x

  3. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous! Worth the cash haha :) xx

  4. :O Gorgeous.
    Unfortunately, I can't justify myself one. Ah a girl can dream :)



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