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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Spoodle Puppy | The Lifestyle Post

Puppy! Oh lord, the cuteness is weaponry. I frequently find myself squealing at the sight of my brand new, baby boy. The name's Rory and he is a Spoodle that gets up to mischief by the oodles.

A 'Spoodle' otherwise known as a 'Cockapoo' (the latter not my cup of tea) is a cross between an English Cocker Spaniel and of course, a Poodle. We were tossing up between the cream and the black, obviously deciding on the black due to the clean-look and uniqueness. Always had a thing for black pooches.

He turned 2 months old a couple of days ago. He is healthy, happy and loved! Gosh, the puppy-stage is 'hella' demanding though. Involving a lot of work that I know will pay off and lead to many years of joy.

Due to the Poodle gene, he is oh-so brainy and the Cocker Spaniel factor gives him a psychotic edge. Jokes - it just makes him very outgoing, playful and friendly. He is already so attached with his fam and is settling in nicely. There has been lots of furniture rearranging and poop-scooping but it is all for such a good cause. Puppy life is challenging, but rewarding.

Cannot wait to see him grow up…we're not entirely sure how big he is going to get just yet. Medium size is estimated.

He is sleeping all night through without fuss and has learnt the deal with the godsends known as puppy pads. Within a couple of days, he had full understanding of the word 'sit' and is progressing with the command, 'paw'.

Thought that a nice snippet into my life would be a change of scenery and I'll take any excuse to show off this sweetheart.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

Anyone else with a Spoodle? Thoughts on the breed?



  1. Awww how sweet! I have two dogs myself, Bichon cross Toy Poodle, the oldest being two years old, and she just gave birth to puppies a few days ago! (Right in the middle of this Melbourne heatwave, the poor thing!) So now I have a total of 4 dogs in my house haha! But they really are the cutest, glad to hear little Rory is settling in well!
    (You're right, Spoodle sounds way cuter hehe!) xx

  2. Lovely photo, blog and dog :)

  3. I love your blog


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