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Friday, 28 February 2014

The Bold Lip: 4 Ways | The Edit

I do plan to take over the world one lip product at a time and it will happen. However, throughout this endeavour, I have come across a huuuge variety of brands and bottles. We are spoilt for choice! Gone are the days of 'just lipstick'. From the classic tube to the innovative new 'lip crayon', the options are endless!

So, which one do I choose? Hmmm. Thinking caps on ladies, pen and paper at the ready, online shopping site of choice open - it's time to find the perfect kinda lip prod for you!

Candidate 1: 'The trusted tube'
It's the obvious idea that comes to mind when thinking of a 'bold lip'. For something moderately long wearing, easily applicable and of a great consistency, lipstick is where it's at. I'd recommend this full-proof option for gals that don't mind reapplying, want an opaque finish and desire something that won't show up chapped lips. An oldie but an all time goodie!

Candidate 2: 'The glitzy gloss'
Shine bright like a diamond, or a lip gloss - your choice. For the kind of girl who keeps makeup looking fresh, colourful and doesn't mind a few touch-ups here and there. Lip gloss is always a must-have in any lip prod collection. M.A.C keep theirs extremely pigmented with all sorts of different finishes. Personally, not a huge fan of lipgloss but enjoy using it for minimalistic, summery looks.

Candidate 3: 'The 3-yr-old-friendly wind up'
Yup, not even toddlers could stuff this one up. Lip crayons are 'all the rage', with a variety of shades to chose from. Bourjois and Revlon have got the consistency, packaging and finish spot-on. If you like a gradual-buil lip colour, some slight gloss and easy application, look no further.

Candidate 4: 'The everlasting stain'
Crayons, textas, pencils…what's next?! These marker-like lip stains are my absolute faves. Longevity is the word. For those with no time to spare (not even for reapplying) and are after a punch of colour! Maxfactor and Revlon know their stuff when it comes to lip stains. No.1 tip is to always apply a lip balm first - these are to die for but also very drying.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

What bold-lip application floats your boat?



  1. Lip stains are our favourite way to wear bold lips, and we love the lip crayon styled lip products!


  2. I prefer using lip stains as well since I'm too lazy to do lipstick touch ups all through the day, but they're a pain to properly remove at the end of the day!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  3. I love lip stains and lipsticks! You have such a cute blog. Would you maybe like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? If you do so,please leave me a comment so I can follow right back!


  4. I love lip stains, definitely a favourite of mine. Crayons just make life so much easier! Great little article xx

  5. This is a really interesting post!

    I have a beauty/music/lifestyle blog over at luciescorner.blogspot.com

  6. Great post! I love Revlon and MAC lippies! They are really good. Your blog is lovely. New follower! xx Tar


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