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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Confessions of an 'Eyelinerphobe' | The Edit

Attention readers, it's time that we talk eyeliners. I know this can be a slightly delicate subject because sticking a pencil in one's eye hurts at first. All the hard work is put in, batting away tears from your sensitive eyes, only to realise that you like like a panda-bear- gone- wrong. It sucks. 

That was me about a year ago. You could have almost diagnosed me as an 'Eyelinerphobe', that's right - I was terrified of eyeliners. Then I had a revelation. 

It occurred to me that I didn't have to wear black pencil eyeliner - there were other colours in existence that turned out to be a lot more flattering. Also, there are these magical things called 'kajal' and 'kohl' liners that are extremely creamy and require less pulling and tugging at your eyeballs. Nowadays, I could not see my makeup collection without brown, nude, white and bronze pencil eyeliners. I've even mustered the courage to wear black. 

Here's an option for each shade, an explanation of their purpose and some tips on the best way to apply them

Stila Kajal liners:
A pale, nude shade is essential for pulling of a barely-there makeup look. Similarly to white 'inner, this nude brightens up your appearance and gives the incredible illusion of bigger eyes. Sounds good to me! perfect for zombie-days when your eyes require to be pried open. 

Essence Long-lasting Eye pencils: 
The cheapest and most fabulous option out. I give you my word, these eyeliners are incredible and actually catalysed my revelation. Essence know their stuff when it comes to liners and these two shades circulate through my makeup bag like there's no tomorrow. I have a lovely, choc-brown and a shimmering bronze. P.S Essence are dead-serious when they say 'long-lasting'. These bad-boys pack a punch of colour for all-day wear. My absolute faves! Upper lash line, lower lash line, water liner - you name it, they work it. 

To the far right, you may spy a - wait for it - black pencil liner. *Gasp* I won't go into too many dates because unfortunately the ' I heart rock ' gloss eye pencil was limited edition. This is by far the creamiest eye pencil I've ever laid hands on. Glides on like a dream, but slips all over the place. Waterline = recipe for disaster. 

BYS White Eyeliner:
So, this is obviously a very inexpensive option. In saying that, for a touch of white on the inner corners or waterline, it does the trick. I don't know what it is, but white is an eyeliner shade that I can never seem to track down without delving into high-end brands. Help? Anyone? 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Genevieve x



  1. I have to try the Essence liner because I'm so crap at eyeliner so I want to try something cheap but easy! xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  2. This is a cute post! I was a little scared of eyeliner at the very beginning but I got over the fear really quickly when I realised how awesome it looks!


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