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Friday, 7 March 2014

LUSH Honeybee Bath Ballistic | The Review

Going to keep this one snappy, girls. As part of yesterday's 'Friday relaxation sesh', I decided to drop a LUSH bath 'ballistic' into the mix. Rub-a-dub-dubbing in a tub with this honey scented delight makes my downtime that much better. 

Obviously, the smell is what sucked me in. Honey is one of my favourite scents in the whole entire world. Whip it up into a bath bomb and I am sold. Before long, your bathroom will be filled with this heavenly aroma and if you're lucky, it should linger on the skin for a while too!

LUSH are known for their whacky, wonderful works-of-art when it comes to bath prods. You know the deal - rainbow coloured water and what-not. Honeybee is a bit 'chilled' when it comes to that end of the playing field. It brings a punch scent-wise but nothing very exciting in terms of bath-water-colour. A murky, yellow-green. *Sigh*. We can't have it every way. 
Post bath time, you can expect to feel relaxed, dreaming of a honey-farm somewhere far away. Buzzing bees, tall trees and echoing sees. Ah, if only. Definitely a recommendation of mine for a pampering night in. 

What's your favourite LUSH bath ballistic? 

Be sure to keep an eye out for a haul coming up next! 


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  1. Great review, I love everything and anything Lush!


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