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Sunday, 13 April 2014

All is Fair in Lash and War | The Edit

Achieving fluttery, full and feminine lashes is a main goal in my makeup routine and one that can be achieved in many different ways. I thought it was time to talk you through my favourite prods for a fabulous lash effect. From the curl to the coat, these are my top tricks and tips.

Covergirl LashBlast Volume: 
A long-lasting love affair with this lash-lengthing-lord began many years ago - and for good reason. If the orange packaging and fabulously fibrous wand wasn't enough, the formula is also extra-black and holds a superb curl. This mascara will forever hold a place in my stash. P.s. The waterproof formula is a trooper in hot weather conditions, beside the pool or for when working up a sweat.

ARDELL False Lashes:
I know, I know - false lashes are in the realm of overly glittery bronzers and smudgy, black pencil eyeliners…promising, pretty but oh-so pesky to apply. Listen up ladies, because Ardell are making things easy. I got an 'Elegant Eyes' pack from Ardell, complete with a nifty tube of lash adhesive, 101 Demi Black Lashes and a cute, little case to keep them safe in. When applying the lashes, load them up with adhesive and have your tweezers at the ready…give a slight push and tug until they are aligned with your real lashes and tada! The Demi lashes are very full and beautifully black but if you're in the mood for something daring, why not give the 'Stunning' lashes a go? These add an extremely lengthening effect and are complete with silver rhinestones. Something very fun for a party, special event or dress-up.

Eyelash Curlers & Spoolies: 
If you find that mascara just isn't giving you a commendable curl, turn to a pair of eyelash curlers. Once appearing like some sort of torture device, now a staple tool in my collection - just give them a go. Nothing works up a lovely-lash-flick than a pair of curlers and I promise (when used correctly) they make a huge difference.

Oh and a spooly (don't even start with me on how ridiculous that name is) is a little multitasking legend. Not only are they inexpensive and ideal to neaten up unruly brows, they're also perfect for getting rid of icky mascara clumps. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT think mascara clumps are okay - they are far from okay and hurt like hell when entering your eyeballs at some point throughout the day. Before you know it, your eyes will be a black, panda-esque mess and all your curling and coating will have been for nada. Tut tut.

Extra Super Lash, Lash Building Mascara:
I had to throw a wild card into this assortment - what better than *wait for it* electric blue mascara? Mmm, probably not something suited for an everyday look but very fun for certain dress-ups, stage makeup or maybe, just maybe a pop of colour in Summer. If you're a Smurf in need of a new mascara, I'd pop this one at the top of your shopping list.

Hope you've enjoyed this post! Thank you to Ardell for sending me the gorgeous lashes!

Genevieve x


  1. we've always wanted to try coloured mascara, but we're not really sure where we'd wear it! We've tried a few covergirl mascaras, but we found that they do not hold curls very well. At the moment we're loving Maybelline's Colossal Cat eyes mascara


  2. I have to try the Covergirl mascara, but everytime I go shopping I forget to buy it. So many people are raving about it.


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