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Friday, 25 April 2014

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Review | Care to Conceal?

In world breaking news: www.editorinthemaking.blogspot.com is housing a new 'mini-series' called 'Care to Conceal?', sharing some truly fabulous concealers of the now. For its first instalment, I'm talking NARS. The Radiant Creamy Concealer is definitely leaving a trace around the blogosphere, so I stopped by Mecca Cosmetica, blew a few *cough more than a few cough* bucks and walked away with a new makeup-fave slung over my shoulder.

Sleek, satisfying and so-practical are three ways to describe the luscious NARS packaging. From that little, black and white box to the lovely matte-topped wand, this concealer had me at hello.

I, of course, suite the lightest shade of the lineup - 'Vanilla'. Boy oh boy, was this a tricky shade to hunt down? Either there are a large bunch of pasty-white girls out there like me, or there's common goal to use a light, radiant concealer in the hope of replicating the 'Kim Kardashian Highlight'. (Probably the latter to be honest *sad face*). I'm sure we all know by now that KK wears a pale, creamy concealer under the eyes in order to throw some flattering light. Not only is this NARS number perfect for some radiance-boosting, it also comes in handy when masking pesky blemishes. Take that - you little, red life-ruiners.

I opted for this concealer because of its double duty - cover pimples, cover dark circles. Another thing that tickles my fancy is the wand and doe foot (that little spongey thingamajig), for quick and on-the-go applications. The formula itself is very creamy as the name would suggest and gives a medium but illuminating coverage. I prefer it more under the eyes as it is very easy to blend, but sometimes find myself calling on a concealer with a thicker consistency to cover red, problem-areas.

Whether you're in need of a KK Highlight, a cover-up here and there, or some serious dark circle disappearance, this concealer is a definite must-have. A big thumbs up, NARS.

Genevieve x



  1. I just bought this too and have fallen in love with it! xx

  2. Ohh I need to try it, I'll be in the same pale league as you though lol, xoxo.


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