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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Who ya gonna call? | Breakout Busters

Nope, we're unfortunately not venturing out on ghost-hunting endeavors. Instead, it's time to bust some pesky breakouts. These three products will change your life - not even kidding.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion:
Hate to admit it, but I was slightly terrified of this suss, little bottle of pinkish-yellowish fluid at first. It claimed to dry out nasty whiteheads, so I eventually caved. Basically, this 'drying lotion' is very famous in the beauty-biz. For those who aren't familiar with what it does, or what the hell you do with it, never fear! Grab a handy Q-tip (this is the mildly terrifying part) and make absolutely, positively sure that it touches the layer of pink sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Also, do not, I repeat DO NOT shake this bad-boy up. I haven't questioned why it is that we must not do these mysterious things...but the lady in Mecca warned me, and you never question the lady in Mecca. Before deciding to apply this, you'd probably want to make sure not to have any of the following planned: hot dates, social functions, girly brunches - practically anything you want to look moderately okay for. After application, you'll have little, pink, calamine-like dots all over your face. Not a fab look, but totally worth the results. I'd take an oath to express my belief in this prod. Definitely a savior for 'blugh' skin days. Watch out zits - you're going down.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist: 
A spritz here and there of this refreshingly-fabulous mist will calm down any angry complexion. Wanna know the best part? It smells like roses. Roses on steroids. I adore the soothing sensation that it leaves my skin with. You know when skin just feels tight, hot and scratchy? The Body Shop can make that disappear. Think of this as a one-stop-face-spritz, sort of like a toner, but with some magical breakout-banishing qualities.

Aesop Parsley Seed Face Mask:
Lucky last! Mentioned this one in a previous post, so I'll try and make it snappy. I.love.this.mask. Seriously, you will too. It's the perfect all-rounder for solving volcanic zit eruptions. When nothing else in my skincare stash seems to be working, I always grab this lifesaver. I'm talking the equivalent of pulling the fire alarm in a burning building. Drastic analogy, but really, this is brilliant stuff. Aesop is such an incredible skincare brand, one of which is clogging up my 'to buy' list - Oh, what a long list that is.

Genevieve x


  1. These products sound so good and effective to cure breakouts which is amazing! I need to get my hands on one of these x


  2. We have yet to mastered a breakout buster routine for ourselves. We might have to steal some ideas from you!


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