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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Mini M.A.C Haul


As we all love M.A.C, we also hate their outrageous prices. It is once in a blue moon that I decide to splurge at my local counter, but in my defence, I labelled these purchases as birthday presents to myself - from myself. Let's just say the receipt went in the closest bin I could find. *Nervous laugh*. 

Firstly I picked up the coveted Teddy Eye Kohl that every beauty blogger and their dog talks about. Constantly. Always. I understand why though - as a lover of all things bronzy and simple, this eyeliner hits the nail right on the head. It's a no-fuss product, that can smudge out to create a hazy smoke or stay put all day, adding ample definition. I sure do love it as much as I loved my actual teddy bear at the age of 5. That's saying something. Definitely worth the (yikes) $32. 

Why, M.A.C? Why must you make so many beautiful lipsticks? As discussed in previous posts, I adore orange. Being such a huge fan or Morange yet also loving their matte Russian Red, I though Lady Danger was the perfect in-betweener. Boy, was I right. It's a kick-ass shade, for all lovers of the occasional bold lip. Suited to lots of skin tones and with an opaque consistency - this one retails at $36 for a reason. 

This is why it is important to avoid cosmetics counters at all costs, ladies. You'll tell yourself 'oh I'm just going to have a little swatch, check out some new additions to the collection' and then, before you know it, all the products will be screaming your name and you will adopt them into your makeup collection. Mind you, I say this whilst contemplating the shade Impassioned by M.A.C. Any fans? 
An upside to the splurge-fest - I received a sample of M.A.C's notorious Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Currently testing.

Genevieve x


  1. omg Mac will make me poor. I am obsessed with their lipsticks!
    I always wanted to try Lady Danger but I stick to everyday shades with more pricy lipsticks
    because I get more use out of them.


    1. I know - could lust over their lipsticks all day long!! Need to pick some everyday shades myself haha x Gen

  2. Lady Danger is such a beautiful shade, I'd love to try it out one day. I love lipsticks, they're my weakness! :) xx


  3. I agree that the prices are a little ott, but they do make the best lipsticks, I only own 1 or 2 and would love to add to my collection for £££ is the problem! love the color you picked up x

    Kirsty More of Me ❤

  4. Just came across your blog and i love it! xxx



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