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Saturday, 26 July 2014

OPI In My Back Pocket Swatch | Nailed It

Dayum, this lacquer sure is a looker. Trust O.P.I to nail (my puns are getting too good) yet another polish. From that sizzling shade to its glossy finish, my nails have never looked so fab.

The camera truly does not lie - the colour pay-off, opacity and shine are all down to this little bottle of heaven. As I've mentioned quite a few too many times already, orange is sorta my colour. Ok, I'm obsessed. In My Back Pocket is definitely the new 'IT' shade in my varnish collection - all the other oranges are beginning to collect some dust (yes, there are many other oranges). They kind of had it coming ever since my jaw hit the ground when first laying eyes on this newbie.

Truth be told folks, I'm don't particularly get excited about nail polish. I treat painting my nails as more of a chore than anything else and almost always make a mess of the job. I'm a changed woman thanks to O.P.I's fabulously huge brush-heads. One stroke and hey presto - I'll take a gazillion more, thanks!

I'm not one to complain about ah-mazing lacquers but it sure does bum me a bit that this beauty chips within a few days. Who knows, it could just be down to my carelessness in regards to not wearing gloves whilst washing dishes or scraping a nail here and there, but I tend to find that O.P.I polishes don't stay looking perfect all too long. 'Rats', you must be thinking. Well, I've found a superhero topcoat to save this damsel in distress from those vexing chipping-fiascoes. Stay tuned and in a few post's time, you can read alllllll about it. Until then...

Genevieve x


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    1. Thanks for your comment - love ur blog also! Xx

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  3. What a lovely shade of orange!! :)



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