Saturday, 30 August 2014

August Beauty Favourites

Ah, the end of August makes me one very happy gal indeed. For all us Southern Hemisphere residents, it means yet another wet and windy Winter is coming to a close. Stepping outside in the mornings is already that much better, from the smell of jasmine flowers growing on the trellise outside my window to the long awaited separation of clouds. Let there be light! Now, after that unnecessary little interlude, I think it's time I start talking cosmetics. Spring has most definitely sprung, so I've been leaning towards some brighter and lighter beauty picks that (along with the well-missed sun's rays) will enhance a 'new season' glow.

As flowers seem to be blooming left, right and centre, I thought what better perfume to spritz than Marc Jacob's delightful Daisy. Marc is pretty strong on the fragrance-front in my opinion, and Daisy is no exception. I simply adore the sweet, florally scent and think this smaller bottle is an adorable handbag essential. It's extremely refreshing to switch up perfumes between seasons and I'm sure it will be time to upgrade to the full-sized bottle très soon.

Winter plums and nudes are no longer welcome here - bring in the warm, orangey hues. M.AC's Vegas Volt is an all-time-favourite lipstick of mine and can be worn opaque or sheered out a bit, both methods leading to the same conclusion - the 'What are you wearing on your lips?' question asked from every lipstick-fiending passerby that spots you when sporting this shade. Vegas Volt is the perfect combo between an orange and a pink, creating a vibrant, peachy colour. Get on it. 

If I were to describe a life without the NARS Laguna Bronzer, it would be painfully dreary, dull and everyone would be blindingly pale. Jokes aside, this is hands down my top beauty prod out. Yes, it's in writing now so believe it. I kid you not, this guy is totally worth the mula. Being as pale as a ghost, it tends to come in a lot of use - especially during Spring and Summer when I'm meant to be tanning. Thanks Irish heritage. It is almost matte, but has an apt amount of shimmer running through and is far from orange, giving the most natural glow to my skin. Also great for contouring (sculpting the cheekbones with an angled fluffy brush is my fave way to achieve this), this bronzer is a serious winner in my books. More like a yearly favourite, really.

I'll whizz through these two. The Maybelline Masterprecise Eyeliner is the best liquid eyeliner I have come across so far in my lifetime as a beauty-addict. It's waterproof, it's jet-black and it is super easy to apply with a very thin, felt, pen-like applicator. If you're suffering from Eyeliner Phobia (a serious - lol - fear induced by the mere sight of those prods, I've got you completely covered in a post a while back) then I think I've found the cure. You're welcome. Next up, is the Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist which you all know is a beloved skincare saviour of mine. Get the low-down in my breakout busting post from June.

I'm all-for-glow when it comes to foundation, and something that sits quite lightly on the skin definitely floats my boat. Introducing the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. For some twisted, unnerving, totally unforgivable reason, I don't recall telling you guys about this base here on the blog. Hmmm - not too sure how this one wasn't ever picked up on the 'prods-worth-mentioning' radar. Nevertheless, here it is now, in all its glowy glory. You can probably tell I was sucked in by the orange cap, (I'm a marketing/sales team's dream) but the fact that I reach for this every time a foundation is needed on my face means that it's actually quality slap. Great medium-coverage, with and amazingly dewy finish and a fab yellow tone. Not the ingredient to make a sickly cake-face with, that's for sure.

What's been your go-to beauty lineup this month?

Genevieve x


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