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Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Formal Makeover

Alison, looking fabulous

'The Aftermath' 
*Disclaimer* Though I may parade around with a few fancy make up brushes and talk a lot of beauty mumbo-jumbo on this old blog, I am NOT a professional. Darn. However, I do like to experiment with makeup and help out a few friends of mine from time to time to get ready for some special occasions! Let's be real - who can resist a good makeover?

So when I think formal makeup, I think painfully expensive M.A.C visits, caked faces, and smudged mascara by the end of the after party. Ew, ew and ew. Soooo, to avoid any formal makeup mishaps, I've decided to generate a little do's and don't's list for all you budding formal-goers out there.


1. Make it last for the love of god (get a good finishing spray, set your base with translucent powder and use primer for both eyes and the face!)
2. Do not, I repeat do not wear a foundation with SPF in it - unless you're going for the Edward Cullen look of course (fun fact: SPF in cosmetics prods gives a white flashback in photos. As photos are practically the whole point of formal night - haha - you want them to turn out nicely!)
3. The only cake involved during this night should be the one you eat, not the one on your face (achieve a flawless base, but avoid shovelling the foundation on - don't overdo it!)
4. Get your glow on! (I'm talking a nice coral blush, some warm bronzer and a generous swipe of highlighter on the cheeks. You'll look alive and healthy!)
5. Practise applying eyelashes beforehand and make sure to have a pair of tweezers at the ready...they make the job so much easier!  (ok so this one is more like a note-to-self rather than something for all you guys. I, funnily enough, had never applied eyelashes on another person before doing Alison's makeup and let's just say it was stressful. Practise makes perfect!)
6. All about the eyes (focus on achieving some really attention-grabbing eye makeup. Lashes are a must as mentioned, winged liner always works a treat and a smokey eye of your choice is a staple!)
7. WATERPROOF IT UP (Yep, waterproof mascara and eyeliner are the way to go, especially if you have a long night of dancing and partying ahead!)
8. Bring a few makeup bits along in your clutch. (Your lipstick and some powder will come in great handy for any 'code red' makeup alerts throughout the night.)


1. Try a DIY spray tan for the first time at home one night prior to the formal. (The dance floor is no room for Oompa-Loompas.)
2. Colour clash your makeup and outfit! (This one's wrong on so many levels.)
3. Make the brow game too strong (Keep the brows nice and full, making sure to brush through and neaten up here and there - but don't overdo it!)
4. Turn yourself into the disco ball. (Bronzer with glitter is always a no-no. Go for something matte.)
5. Wear a sticky gloss. (Your hair and lipgloss will have a love-fest if it's uber thick and gloopy. Yuck.)

If you're heading into formal season - good luck, party hard and get the makeup right!

Genevieve x



  1. these are amazing tips- my cousin wore a foundation with spf to a party once- disaster! her face looked really washed out on pictures!
    i love your blog so much!


  2. 5 or 50 who doesn't love a good dressup?
    Handy tips


  3. you are so beautiful. love your hair ♥

  4. Powder is something I always keep on hand. It can do wonders in an instant! Lovely post!! :)



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