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Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Re-Touch Roster

Ever reached into your bottomless-pit-of-a-handbag in search of one particular item and progressed to pour out the whole contents in a pitiful display of frustration and anger? *Raises hand* After making a fool of yourself, do you proceed to realise that what you are looking for isn't even with you? That your organisational skills are embarrassingly failing you? *Tentatively raises hand again* Well, if you too have seriously inappropriate freak-outs when scavenging for a lip balm, or powder, or fragrance, I think I've got the perfect fix. Meet the Re-touch Roster - my somewhat full-proof checklist for a pouch of powders and potions that will only take up a small section of your handbag yet save you a large amount of time when on the go. Next time you're frazzled for a foundation, or loony for a lippie, you will know exactly where to look. When hitting up the town, or on a wild girl's night out (yep, that's totally me all the time) you can simply take out your parfait pouch and carry it as a clutch. Ladies room touch-ups have never gone so smoothly.

1.Get yourself a pouch, makeup bag or case of some description. My choice is the Mimco Medium Pouch - mainly because it's gorge, but hey it also offers a more-than-decent amount of room for prods. Plus, that wristlet makes it the ideal 'clutch candidate'.

2. Fill the pouch with your whole makeup collection. A mistake easily made by makeup-aholics is to carry a load of unnecessary goop around with them on the go. That's not me and it's not going to be you. (Yeh, I see you packing that 24 eyeshadow palette, hands in the air.) We're packing the bare necessities - well, my version at least - that you may actually need during your daily outing time period.

3.Now for the prods:

- 1x your fave lip balm. Preferably a wind-up one for easy-peasy applications in a hurry.
- 2x hair elastics Pretty self-explanatory. Essential for putting a stop to escalating bad-hair-days.
- 12813826423430436410824x bobby pins. What can I say? You can never have enough. I swear there is a magical bobby pin fairy that comes and steals everyone's bobby pins on a daily basis. I buy a 100 pack and one week later have 2 remaining. Fairies.
-1x A powder of your choice. M.A.C's MSF in Natural is taking the gold. Translucent powders are fab for controlling oil but lack in coverage. This Mineralised Skinfinish gets both jobs done with a few dustings. No need to pack foundation, peeps.
-1x Powder Brush. With powder, comes a powder brush. Logic of which I have forgotten to conduct from time to time. I'd recommend choosing a not-so-great brush as it may get beaten and batted in your pouch. Besides, using nicer alternative at home and keeping this back-up on the go means that you don't have to take it out and put it back in your bag everyday. (i.e having two in your possession means you can be lazy)
-1x Concealer. For coverage touch-ups on areas decimated by oil throughout the day.
-2x Lip colours. I'm being awfully strict here. Emphasis on the '2x,' gals. Think one natural shade, one bright. With one bright lippie comes the power to change your whole makeup look - on the go.
-1x Fragrance mini Throw in any rollerball perfume or sample. They come in great handy! Who wants to lug around a huge glass bottle in their bag?

Happy organising!

Genevieve x


  1. Your blog is so inspiring, love the posts! :)
    Mind to follow each other? Let me know.


    1. Thanks so much! And of course, love your blog also.

  2. What a helpful post! I'm always one to be "overly prepared," so having a list of necessities, like yours, would pose as quite useful. Thanks! :)


    1. Haha no problemo - glad to be of some help! Xxx


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