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How to Start a Beauty Blog

Let's travel back in time a few years, to when I was a mere beauty-adoring-tween with drool hanging off the side of my mouth after gazing at various cosmetics blogs for hours on end. It occurred to me one day that 'hmm, those big-shot beauty girls must have started off somewhere, right?' and I decided that I should make a start myself. I'm not saying it was a smooth one - between figuring out how to make a blogspot account to spending days deciding what I should call the damn thing, I was way over my head. However, after the first post was up, a second followed, a few views rolled in and I started to get the hang of this whole 'beauty blogging' thing. As a makeup maven and a keen writer, it was the perfect mix for me. Bringing us back to the present, I've decided to share the tips and tricks I've accumulated over the rocky road that is starting a beauty blog. Hope it gives you some inspiration to get crackalacking on your dream site…

A MEMORABLE NAME: Now, this one sure did stump me - fun fact: this ol' blog used to be called 'beautywithgenevieve'. Yes, I was a creative 13 year old - not. I know it's easy to fall into the trap of a convenient, mainstream, run-of-the-mill blog name, but your blog name is the first step in the branding of your blog and you want it to be something that people will remember. Ditch the stereotypical 'makeupwith*insert name here*' and have a good, long think before you make a hasty decision. A little tip: alliteration usually works a treat in a blog title.

BE ORIGINAL - HAVE YOUR OWN VOICE: Obviously, unlike Youtube, you have to write blogs. This means that although nobody can actually hear you, it is still important to maintain a voice. Basically, I try to inject a bit of whit into my blogposts and that makes everything really easy to digest. Avoid being too informative and matter-of-fact. Instead, house a friendly and welcoming tone. There's these nifty little things called italics that I always use in my posts to put emphasis on a certain word. For example: 'With such a gorgeous, shimmering peach tinge, it not only adds colour to the face but acts as a highlighter simultaneously. Score.' Doing this adds some entertainment factor and really helps readers to understand you. See what I did there? Obviously, you also want to be as original as you possibly can. Honestly, as cliché as it sounds, stay true to yourself and avoid attempting to be like anyone else. Don't get me wrong, inspiration is great to gain from other blogs, but don't try to replicate their style and work.

GET TECH SAVVY: A key component to a blogpost is some swish pics. How do we obtain these swish pics? Swish cameras. At first, I started off with my iPhone camera and that was great to get me started, but as you get more serious about blogging and are interested in improving your photo quality, a camera is a must. I use the Cannon 600D which I still don't entirely know how to master - I'm getting there. Picmonkey is a website that I absolutely adore. It's basically a photo editing site and is super simple to use for revamping some mediocre pics.

BE CONSISTENT : It's all good and well to start out strong, but try to keep the posts coming. I got a bit excited at the start and bombarded the very small audience I had with 3 awful posts a day or something ridiculous like that. Now, I post every week on a Saturday (or at least attempt to). It's hard to be consistent, but once you settle into a routine, it will feel very normal to get something up on a regular basis. Keeping a planner and jotting down post ideas as soon as they pop into your head will help!

SPREAD THE WORD: Network away! Once you're happy with the blog, tell your friends and family, and ask them to keep that chain going. I know it can be daunting to tell everyone about something that you've worked so hard on and something that is quite personal to you, but an audience is so important to achieve. Even making an Instagram account to accompany your blog is a great idea and maybe down the track, a YouTube channel also. Business cards are something that I hope to create soon too. An important tip surrounding getting some blog-attention is within the titles of your posts. Keep them catchy and interesting, but also think 'if I was wanting to find a post like this, what would I type into google?' etc. Keeping a variation of edits, reviews, hauls (and whatever else) is necessary to attract a bigger audience.

Now, with that blogpost-of-a-kick-up-the-butt, I expect to see some new beauty bloggers emerging. You have nothing to lose! Last pointer of the post - DON'T GIVE UP!
Genevieve x


  1. great tips! very helpful , its hard to find good tips, and yes its very important to not give up! thanks for this post :) x

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  4. This is great advice :)
    Thank you

    1. Thanks, Em xx Glad you thought so!


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