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Saturday, 13 September 2014

NUXE Rêve de Miel | The Review

I am yet to find the 'it-balm', but this one sure does come the closest in my stash. Fun fact: I adore France, the French language, the food, the culture, the sights (mind you I have not once actually visited the country) and cannot wait to step into the marvellous realm that is a French 'Pharmacie'. One day. But until then, I've had to make do with the slow stream of french skincare brands that are flowing into Priceline shelves. NUXE is one of those coveted, frenchified brands that I've had the pleasure of saying bonjour to, without buying a plane ticket half-way across the world. The NUXE Rêve de Miel lip balm is why you should give them a try too:

-Oh là là, is that lemon I smell? Why yes it is. This pot of gold has a heavenly fragrance - one of my favourite scents as a matter of fact. It has a creamy, yet super-citrusy aroma, bringing a batch of lemon drizzle cake straight to mind. Have I sold it to you already? Oh, there's more. The exterior has also got it going on - the glass jar and white lid feeling ever so très chic.

-The consistency remains confusing for me to this day. It's very thick and unusual, not something that easily melts away into the lips. However, I love how it has a matte consistency and when you slather it on, there's no need to worry about a slippery surface that won't be able to handle your fave lippie immediately after. Whack this prodigy lip balm on and have a perfect canvas for your next step. Voilà. There is a 'however'… because it isn't the thinnest prod, it can tend to leave a bit of yellow residue on the lips before completely sinking in.

-Incroyable! Magnifique! Superbe! And that's about all of my french vocab exhausted. I jest. But yes, these adjectives all came to mind when trying to describe this balm whilst keeping the francais theme up. It truly is a lifesaver. You know that when a product takes permanent residency on your bedside table, it means business - that's where this NUXE baby lives. It's nice to wake up with luscious lips, and I really believe in this infamous product being responsible for that. Rêve de Miel, in short, takes me from chappy to happy. Hope I've justified all the hype on such an à la mode wonder-balm. Highly suggest giving it a whirl. Retailing at $19.99 typically but on sale now at Priceline for $15.99, it's steep for a lip-fix but is parfait if you're after a little luxury.

C'est tout, mon chéries! Bisous.
Genevieve x

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