Saturday, 25 October 2014

Bedside Beauty | The Edit

Today, I'm talking all about bits and bobs that will help induce some much needed zzzzzzz and truly do contribute to my 'beauty sleep'. Chapped lips, dry skin and other ungodly morning-symptoms are no where to be seen when I use a few TLC prods. A bedside beauty stash ensures that everything is right where you need it to be before turning the lights out, and it will encourage you to use up an otherwise accumulating mountain of hand creams and lip balms. *Guilty* So hop into some pjs, pull up the duvet and have your cup of tea at the ready to read all about these little luxuries. A pamper sesh? Every night? From the comfort of your own bed? Yes.

First up is one for all those who deprive their skin of moisture out there like moi, or just have naturally dry skin. Hydraluron by Indeed Labs is a cult serum to really plump up lacklustre skin, just in time for that breakfast date with the gals you've got on in the morning. Apply it for an injection of life into an 'I've-gone-to-bed-way-too-late-again' visage. I really do like this one because it doesn't tend to hang around on the skin for too long before sinking in - no sticky pillowcases in sight.

Round 2 of skincare welcomes Benefit's It's Potent Eye Cream into the arena. This one puts up a pretty strong fight against unwelcome morning-bags. We all know them, we all hate them, and we all go through a gallon of concealer attempting to cover them. It's Potent is a really rich and (obviously) high potency eye cream that definitely works best at bed time due to the many hours ahead that it has to nourish and replenish. Super creamy and this mini size has lasted me for yonks.

Chapped lips are my worst enemy. Despite the plethora of lip balms that reside in my makeup stash, my pout always tends to have an unpleasant, flaky appearance. Ugh, gross, I know. So, it is vital for me to put on a chapstick of some form before calling it a night. The Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter not only smells heavenly but also works a treat. Very nourishing and easy to use due to the wind-up packaging. No faffing about with any potted balms before bed. The only residue left on my fingers is from the next Burt's Bees number, my Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. Smells like a citrus paradise - seriously I can't get enough whiffs of this - and it works really well overnight to rejuvenate some dry nail beds. A very nice 'extra' to have around and it is obviously best to apply this when you're ready to say sweet dreams. During the day, this one would eventuate to some pretty slippery disasters (i.e. don't be silly like I was and pop this on before painting your nails because you'll drop the brush and stain something).

Last but not least, I just wanted to mention my fave skin-saviour of the moment. Introducing Kit's Pomegranate and Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream. Again, the scent of this cues angels to start singing. Cannot get enough of this sweet treat. It's lightweight, but scores a 10/10 on the nourishing scale. Plus, the metal packaging channels Aesop's trademark style and I think this one looks gorgeous on a bedside table.

Sleep tight and here's hoping we will all wake up glowing like goddesses after lathering on these prods!


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