Saturday, 4 October 2014

L'oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint | The Review

I've always been one to lustre over that 'no makeup' makeup look. Sometimes it's easy to pump that extra bit too much of foundation onto the skin or to go a tad overboard on powdering the t-zone. Everything can turn pretty cakey, pretty fast. So, after my affair with bb creams and fling with tinted moisturisers, I found that I loved the natural finish they gave but need a level-up on the 'coverage scale'. My perfect candidate had to be light in formula, give decent coverage, meet somewhere halfway between too-matte and too-dewy, but most importantly, look like I'm not wearing much at all. Makeup tends to involve a lot of trickery and this new winner from L'oreal is no exception.

The L'oreal NUDE MAGIQUE Eau De Teint is unlike any other face base I've tried - you'd honestly need to test it out to understand for yourself but I am going to attempt giving the low-down. Basically it is supposed to be a 'watery consistency' which is something I had not previously tested before. Where was I my whole life? L'oreal are not lying with their claim (I learnt this the hard way by tilting my hand to tuck my hair behind my ear after having dealt some product onto the back of it - let's just say my carpet isn't looking its finest right now).  I love how uniquely light the formula is, despite the carpet-travesty. When you apply it to the skin, the foundation melts into an incredibly silky texture. Feels unusually-pleasing, adds a really 'airbrushed' finish and simultaneously maintains the au naturale look I'm striving for. Excellent.

The whole line is favourable of all you yellow-toned-folks out there like myself and the packaging is surely satisfying for all. It's oh-so chic. Only catch it, it's 20ml opposed to a typical 30ml or so foundation. Kind of sucks, but hey, there had to be a catch somewhere. Full marks otherwise for this superbly-natural base, fit for all you 'minimalistic makeup' fiends out there. Definitely give it a try. (FYI, in true Gen spirit I've picked up the lightest shade: 120 Pure Ivory)
Genevieve x


  1. I'm so hesitant to try this one, as I have heard complete mixed reviews! But it seems like it works so well on you! xx

  2. i love natural looking foundations. This one looks so lovely, I couldn't even tell you were wearing foundation! will defiantly be looking into buying this x

  3. Love the 'no makeup' makeup look! It's so simple yet nice :) + New follower (follow back?)
    Rien de Rien


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