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Makeup Brushes That You NEED

Now when I ever say NEED in relation to any beauty products, I'm obviously not 100% serious. But, in the case of makeup brushes, there are some fundamental shapes and sizes that are absolutely necessary to apply all your gorgeous prods. Here's a bit of logic for you - très expensive cosmetics + dud brushes = damn, why is my blush making me look like a clown? Sometimes, the tools of the trade truly do make all the difference. You can have every type of wood and bricks and whatever else builders use (clearly not going to start a construction blog anytime soon) but if there's no tools, no house is ever going to be made. Analogies are not my strong suit, but you get the gist I'm sure. Although brushes don't have iridescent glitter running through them, or are colours of the rainbow, they can be just as important (and fun) as makeup.

Let's start from the very far-left with an Ecotools affair. This funky-looking contraption is a brow and lash grooming comb and brush. 2-in-1's are always a go. Obviously you're not applying any makeup with this, but it's super-handy for taming those unruly brows into place. P.S. Spritz the brush side with a bit of hairspray and voilà, you've got your very own brow-set. #browgamestrong

Next up is the Real Techniques Contour Brush. This one's a tad fancy-shmancy but works a treat for not only contouring your cheekbones with some bronzer, but also for blending in concealer. Fun fact: makeup is all about breaking the rules, meaning that you don't have to do exactly what the label tells you to. Same applies for these brushes - there are a billion different uses for most of them. Seeing as these Real Techniques brushes are synthetic, they are a match made in heaven with liquid products. Fits perfectly to apply concealer under the eyes.

Ecotools again - yep, gotta love 'em. Inexpensive, soft and downright fabulous. This is the powder/bronzer/blush brush (obviously I am unsure of the exact name). I use it for all three purposes and it never fails me. It's got a lovely, tapered shape to pick up just the right amount of product. After the many trips in my various makeup bags over the years, plus endless numbers of uses and washes, it's safe to say that you'll get your money's worth out of this one.

Seeing as the next three are all Sigma super-stars, I will briefly go through them together. Definitely my top picks from the brand. First of all - the little baby - is the E25 Blending Brush that works hand in hand with its neighbour, the E55 Eye Shading Brush. With these two, they're will be no more 'oh my goodness my smokey eye looks like an I've-been-punched-in-the-eye' moment. Apply your shadows with the shading brush and then blend out all the harsh edges (effortlessly) with the E25. Last but not least from Sigma is the F40 Large Angled Contour Brush. Boy oh boy, do I love the F40. I kid you not, this is the best brush for bronzer and blush. There's something about the angled shape that delivers the perfect application of blush to the cheeks, and fits superbly beneath the cheekbones for contouring.

Finally, another Real Techniques representative is the beauty-world-famous Buffing Brush. I won't ramble on for too much longer but all I can say is that flat foundation brushes having nothing on this guy. Once you go buffing brush, you'll never go back. Because it's synthetic and the bristles are so densely-packed, it gives an airbrushed finish to the skin. Use circular motions to achieve a flawless canvas with your liquid or cream foundation. Too easy. It's also very nifty for cream blush applications.
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