Friday, 10 October 2014

The Body Shop Haul

Oops, I did it again. Definitely channeling my inner Britney with another haul. Do I have enough beauty products already? Mmmm, maybe. Enough to sink a cruise ship? I confess. The thing is, it's hard for a girl to resist a good pamper and The Body Shop have you covered for all those Sunday night relaxation sessions. Bit of bath time, perhaps some facials, a couple of hours spent binge-watching your favourite TV series (currently kicking it back old school with some trusty Gossip Girl) and of course a ton worth of chocolate stocked up in the cupboard - obviously by Monday morning it will have taken residency in your stomach. Another oops moment, I feel you.  One thing I don't feel guilty about is experiencing the quality and luxury of The Body Shop's products. Don't mind if I do.

5 words - The Body Shop Body Butter. (Check out those impressive counting skills). Yep, could end the spiel here. This luscious lotion is practically fragranced-heaven in a tub. As a true mango maniac, I've obviously gone for the scent of this summery fruit to hold me over until the real deal come back in season soon. Hurry, please - sincerely, Gen. I've loved the Body Butters for absolute yonks and am not ashamed of the bewildering amount of ml I own of this product - all in the name of a serious moisture surge. Am I right? Flaky skin, move along, you're no match for these replenishing reptile-skin-radicators. Game. Set. Match.

We've discussed my 'paleness' on numerous occasions already I'm sure, but here we go again. Keeping in mind that my skin likes to replicate that of a tomato's, the sun isn't the first port of call I run to when in need of some glow. Bronzer is the Jesus of my beauty bible - ha. Jokes aside, The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer looked pretty darn funky and had me at the honeycomb packaging. Genius. In this case, the outside reflects the inside - the product itself being top-notch. Still undergoing some final testing phases before my verdict can be delivered, but as always, I'll keep you posted. Can definitely confirm that it is a great medium-bronze shade, nothing too orangey at all. Very natural. Phew.

Pucker up, last one's The Body Shop's Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm in watermelon. Smells like a lollipop/everything- good-in-the-world. I adore these lip-saviours and deem them the perfect 'bedside beauty' accompaniments. Something ultra-nourishing to apply just before sleepy time. You'll be waking up in the morning without that crusty lip feeling. Ew, I promise not to authorise the use of 'crusty' ever again on the blog. Seriously though, these balms are where it's at - super glossy and sweet. Mmmmm.

Once the 'oops' feeling fades, you have some new beauty bits to stop lusting over and starting loving. Good luck resisting the enchanting powers of The Body Shop in future - I sure didn't. Whether they've drugged me with the fragrances or are secretly all masters of witchcraft, one thing is for sure - the prods are 'simply irresistible'. With great morals, new campaigns and a care for this big, ol' earth, it's worth stopping by, I'm in full support.
Genevieve x


  1. I just bought this bronzer last week so I've only used it a few times already, but so far so good for me! I'm a pale gal myself and it's a lovely light brozer if you're feeling a little washed out and in need of some colour :-)

    Meg ♡

  2. I love the body butters, they all smell sooo good!

  3. I really really wanna try their honey bronzer, definitely going to purchase it soon :) lovely post, great blog! Followed x


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