Friday, 7 November 2014

All About That Base | The Edit

For today's beauty banquet, I'm dishing up my top 3 bases of the now. However, it's not all about me - I've picked one for the glow-getters, another for those that are after something in the middle on the coverage scale, and lastly a no-fuss BB cream for a 'bare faced' look. It's fair to say that I am definitely 'all about that base,' with a foundation drawer that takes some serious rearranging every single time I want to open and close it. I tell myself that the makeup organising system is too small - but who am I kidding? Without a flawless canvas, the rest of slap on your face isn't going to sit too well, or look all that flash. Also, a base acts a 'mistake eraser' when attempting a bold eye-look. Tip of the day: If mustering a smokey eye or going to town with a glittery pigment, always do the eyes first and the base last. This way, if any eyeshadow fallout occurs, you will be able to easily make it disappear without ruining any work. Magic.

The Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is obviously getting a mention in this post (after appearing in multiple others) due to my eternal love for it and faith in it. Dewy is the prime adjective I tend to use when describing this one, and medium would be the most suitable level of coverage to dub it. It's a real pick-me-up when my skin is looking a tad on the dull side and works a treat to combat flaky patches around the nose and between the brows that other foundations tend to cling on to. Next up, the very popular indeed, Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation. Ever heard of Goldilocks and The Three Bears Bases? Well, in short, Goldilocks was a young girl with combination skin. She wanted to find a base that wasn't too dewy, and wasn't too matte….something that was just right. So, when stumbling across a large beauty department store one day, she spent hours swatching base after base until stumbling across this Maybelline number. What do you know? It was the one. Now, awful renditions of famous fairytales aside, I can't stress how great this foundation is for teen skin like mine. It's not going to be too shiny or feel too tight on the skin. With so many shades in this range, there will be one tailored for each and every one of you! Lastly, the Garnier BB Cream is a cult classic for minamilisticmakeup-mavens everywhere. It's perfect to wear to school each day for a touch of glow and coverage, and it works a treat to throw on during lazy summer days. It instantly replenishes and rejuvenates the skin, so you don't even have to stress about moisturiser beforehand! Too easy. However, it's definitely not suited for extremely fair skin tones, as there are currently only three shades on offer. I've got the 'light' one, but the name seriously lies. I think I'll wait for some summer sun before putting this one on my ghostly, post-winter skin.

Sorry to bump up your next shopping list. I'm quite the talented enabler. Let me know some of your recommendations below!



  1. I've tried all three products before and they're truly amazing :) specially the Rimmel foundation! Nice post xx

  2. we currently use both the rimmel wake me up foundation and the garnier bb cream, and love both!! how about cc creams? we haven't really jumped on the bandwagon with it yet, but we were wandering whether there were any you would recommend?

    M + K

  3. I love the Wake Me Up foundation! xx

  4. I love Garnier's BB cream! Your blog is amazing! Love the quality of your photos. I just started following you. Please check out my blog ! Take care!


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