Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Best of M.A.C Lipsticks

Pucker up because today's post is all about perfecting your pout, with the help of a few of my most trusted lipstick steeds. There's something about M.A.C lippies that have me at hello - from the rainbow spectrum of colours they offer to the various finishes and formulas, I resemble a child in a candy shop when drooling over the M.A.C displays. But before I get too carried away, there is a reason why I don't own 100 of these. Like many fabulous things, they come at a price. $36 each here in Aus is one cringeworthy sum but I can rest you all assured that they are worth every penny. Now… send in the troops!

(We'll work from left to right)

LADY DANGER: *Insert wolf whistle here* because this is one hot shade. It's the perfect mix between orange and red with an on-trend matte finish. Definitely a statement-lip-achiever in a matter of a seconds - make it feel at home in your handbag so you'll always be prepared to go from day to night makeup in a flash.

RUSSIAN RED: Class levels will be soaring very high when loading this one on the lips. It's definitely more of a wintry shade and is slightly vampy without having any purple or black undertones. Did someone say très chic? It's also got a matte finish but definitely doesn't dry out the pout. This one is perfect when you just can't be bothered with anything else - a red can always save the day when other makeup is too much of a struggle.

MORANGE: My favourite. End of discussion. I have confessed my eternal love for the colour orange about one thousand to many times but here I am again shining the spotlight on another vibrantly warm-hued lippy. This one has an amplified creme finish which means that it is going to pack one hell of a punch. Boo-yah. My only problem about orange lipstick - it's got a very yellow-y undertone which unfortunately comes with the risk of very yellow-y appearing teeth. Always give your chompers a good  brush before painting this one on.

VEGAS VOLT: I absolutely adore the peachy-pink combo that Vegas Volt sports. It's my go-to summery shade and can be worn 'all-out' or simply sheered out a little bit for whatever look you are going for. For some reason, it doesn't pick up awfully well in the photo above, (damn) but if you shut your eyes and try to picture the most gorgeous shade of coral imaginable, then you're pretty close. M.A.C dub this an amplified creme finish also - be prepared for maximum colour impact.

ANGEL: I had to include an option for all you 'lip nudists' out there. I'm not the biggest advocate for pale pinks or sheer beiges but there's no denying that this is still a lovely shade. With a frost finish, it's very easy to apply and is great for everyday wear. Once in a blue moon, when I do go for a light-pink-lip, Angel is my first port of call. It's practically a celebrity in the beauty blogosphere and is great to pair with a smokey eye. Big thumbs up.

What lucky lippy should I add to my M.A.C fam next? All suggestions are more than welcome - anyone a fan of Impassioned? Until next time…



  1. Russian Red is soo gorgeous, one of my all time favourites! Also I am dying to try Angel, it looks stunning :) lovely post xx

  2. This is great! I've been wondering the differences between their red shades.

  3. Great post!♥ Lovely shades!

    Hugs, Brittany // Polka and Dots

  4. I adore Russian Red, it's the perfect Autumn/Winter shade for the lips! ♥
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award because I really love your blog! You can find out the details from my blog:


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