Sunday, 7 December 2014

In the Skincare Spotlight #1

'Tis the season to be jolly but it is also the season for seriously angry skin…everyone's buzzing about like busy, little bees and the year's fuel tank of energy is depleting rapidly. Soooo, I'm bringing in the big guns with a debut instalment of 'In the Skincare Spotlight'. It's time to get glowing and start revamping your morning and night routines in time for the holidays. Pimples, blackheads and all skin-supressors, be gone - these wonder-prods are sure to kick some skin dilemmas' butts. Also, the three godsends above are all available at affordable prices - each of them being under $25. Who's got any money to spare on themselves in December? Hell to the no (although have you seen some of the skincare packs at Mecca this Christmas? *Swoon*). Without further ado, here are the spotlight-stealers:

The St. Ives Green Tea Scrub: If you caught me blog-writing about my skincare stash this time last year, I would have mentioned an ancestor of this product: the St. Ives Apricot scrub. However, now that I've gone Green Tea, I'm never going back. First of all - I hate Green Tea itself and this thankfully doesn't resemble or smell anything like it for those wondering. It is a really smooth, greenish paste with the added bonus of salicylic acid to give teenage breakouts a good banishing. Usually the feeling that most facial scrubs elicit is one similar to that of nails on a chalkboard. Mm, not pamper-sesh material, right? However, this is a definite exception - it's still a great fix for any dry and flaky skin, but it doesn't feel as if it is really scratching at your face. Could rave about it forever but I think I'll stop here.

The Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturiser with SPF 15: Anyone familiar with those 'Oh darn!' moments when you leave the house on an extremely sunny day without a single scrape of SPF on your face or at hand? You have to come to terms with the fact that when next in the vicinity of a mirror, you will be staring back at a beetroot, tomato, or any other form of piping-red fruit/veg. Well, let's make the vegetable embodiments a thing of the past and get a boost of radiance ( the good, non-red nor sweaty kind). I love this moisturiser because not only is it a 2-in-1, but it also helps to really rejuvenate and illuminate listless skin. It's lightweight, has a grease-factor of zero and comes complete with a pump-bottle to help make life that extra bit easier. Finally, I have put an end to what seemed like a never-ending hunt for the perfect moisturiser.Thank you Aveeno, love Gen.

The Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Gel: This is a zit-zapper teamed with salicylic acid that can be popped on just before bed or at any time of the day to dry out some nasty whiteheads. Although it may be tempting to squeeze the buggers at the first chance you get, this is a much more hygienic and appropriate method to make sure there is no spread of bacteria. When you pop a pimple, the bacteria spreads within that proximity and we do not want that. More bacteria = more pimples. This spot gel is perfect for easy zit-ridding. Note: This prod won't do much in terms of stopping big, red, volcanic cystic acne.

On the top of my latest skincare shopping list (what a nerd) is a few Origins masks…any thoughts? Until next time,


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  2. i love the st.ives scrub!! however it started breaking me out recently and now i need a new scrub!! and i love aveeno! such an amazing drugstore brand :)


  3. God knows my skin needs this thanks for this post!


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