Saturday, 27 December 2014

My NYE Party Essentials

Now that Christmas is so last week, it's time to move onward an upward in anticipation of 2015. Ah, the new year, new you sort of thing always gets me excited... but before we make it to the 1st of Jan, it is obviously mandatory to enjoy the celebrations involved with that big night before. With NYE comes glamorous lashes, bright lips and lots of glitter for one final 2014 hurrah. Although, it proves a challenge each year to keep looking glitzy and gorgeous by the end of such an exciting night, so I've packed a little mock NYE clutch filled with beauty bits to ensure you stay looking good until the clock strikes 2015.

Eyelash Glue - Don't be that girl with one eyelash on.
If you are wearing lashes, please remember to bring a bit of adhesive with you. You really will appreciate your organisational skills when one of your lashes is starting to come loose and you've got some glue at hand - oh, and your friends will all love you too.

Lipstick of the night - Don't be that girl with a blotchy pout. 
Between all the nibbling and sipping, (and maybe even a kiss at midnight) your lips may take a turn for the worst. It is extremely important to pack your lippie if it's bold - my pick is the NARS satin lip pencil in Yu. These lip pencils are not only long lasting but pack a huge colour punch.

A trusty powder - Don't be that girl who resembles an oil slick.
I think this is a definite staple for any night out. All the flashing cameras and party lights will exaggerate the oiliness of your skin, so you want to stay as matte as possible. 'Why is there nothing in the picture above to apply this with?' you may ask. That is because I am a ninny and forgot. Moral of the story - when you pack your powder, don't forget a brush!

The Glitter - Don't be that girl without the glitz.
Glitter is always a challenge to incorporate into a long wearing makeup look, so I tend to always keep it with me if I plan on wearing it anywhere. M.A.C pigments are just fabulous - it's like a unicorn threw up in a container and then a few fairies sneezed on it (but without all the germs). Melon is a peachy gold, ranking at the perfect glam-level for NYE. Use fingers to carefully touch up if necessary.

Your BFF (Concealer) - Don't be that girl whose makeup game drops before 12.
Conceal don't feel. Haha, had to throw that on here at one point. But seriously, conceal when all else fails. If your glitter has somehow ended up on your nose or your under eyes are starting to show signs of fatigue, whip out your favourite cover-upperer. Many people would agree with me, the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is one of the best you'll come across.

ETC - Don't be that girl with tragic hair and please do not smell.
Bobby pins and a hair tie can never go astray in an evening clutch - whether you use it or not, someone else will always be asking around for a pin or two. Bribe bobbies for a brush if you're stupid like me and forgot something. After dancing to all your fave 2014 hits, you might want to get the mane off of your face and cool down a bit. Also, of course it's a good idea to bring a little perfume or mist small enough to carry around. Stay fresh, people. I love this mini Daisy Eau So Fresh.

Well, those were some of my loyal NYE steeds. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe start to 2015!



  1. Oh my I've been wanting the Mac pigment in Melon for absolutely ages, it looks soo stunning :) lovely picks! x

    1. Tell me about it...I've got a list a mile long for more of them. Thank you!
      Gen xx


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