Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Haul | Sportsgirl, Zara, Dotti & More

Upon having my wisdom teeth taken out recently (yep, all four), I did not only devour a few kilos worth of ice cream and jelly, but also spent a hefty amount of time on my laptop. This meant endless hours of scrolling through innumerable websites, scouring out the items I was to splurge on after a smooth recovery. Post-op day one was filled entirely with Dance Moms and the occasional salt-water mouth-rinse, but as the healing process progressed, I was already back to planning out my next trip to the shops. Typical. So, here's what I've caved in on recently...

Sportsgirl Stripe Mini Dress: Not your average, black & white, stripy dress. Nah-ah. This is unusually thick, with a slightly 'ribbed' texture and an amazing high-neckline. It's the younger and trendier sister of a full-blown turtleneck, being a lot less librarian-esque - thank goodness. I can already see it transitioning fabulously into my autumn wardrobe. Tights + scarf + boots + this = done. 

Sportsgirl Crinkle Stud: I've been looking for some simple, yet wavy-looking (yes, descriptive language on point!), silver studs. Found them. These look stunning on...they are the perfect size. I purchased them for my formal coming up in a few months, but more on that soon enough. 

Zara Faux Leather Trafaluc Mini Skirt: This was a wild card purchase for sure. I'm not one to sport a mini skirt overly often and much prefer a printed pair of flowy shorts, not to mention the whole 'pleather' factor. I never thought wearing this material could ever cause any form of comfort whatsoever, but I was wrong. Don't dis it 'till you don it - my new saying to enable more splurgey shopping sprees. The photo really doesn't do this justice. It's the weirdest shade ever, fitting somewhere on the colour wheel between cream and mint, but I promise it looks good. The underside has a lovely, soft lining to help avoid any nightmarish, leather-sticking-to-skin situations and looks très chic on. Best part - reduced wildly down to $26.95. 

Dotti Vivian Textured Top: This has my favourite kinda neckline that I unfortunately do not have the fashion-vocab to describe efficiently. Downside = you're gonna need a strapless bra. Upsides = Funky fabric, great for showing off shoulders, and extremely versatile. I've worn this so many times already. 

Aurora Candle (Musk Sticks fragrance): Another candle to add to my stash. This one's currently residing on my bedside table and is practically fumigating out my room, but in the best sort of way. It's pretty sweet, and not something I'd normal go for, but I am pleasantly surprised. 

Louenhide Pencil Case in Sassy Pink Champagne: Ok first of all, that name. It made me giggle, and maybe even gave me that final nudge to pull out the credit card. I needed a new pencil case ensemble for school this year, and this one definitely made the cut, along with a black number from Kikki K. Super fancy, nice and long, actually a lot of room. This may be hard to track down (I picked it up from a local boutique). 

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  2. Loved the dress and the top.
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