Sunday, 29 March 2015

Powders on Point | M.A.C MSF, AUSTRALIS, RIMMEL

I've never been the biggest powder preacher. It's probably down to my reallly dry skin and therefore the doubt that my face needed anymore mattification. Turns out, everyone needs a bit of powder in their makeup routine. Don't believe me? Go to a party with a full face of makeup, dance like an idiot for a bit and have a crack at photobombing. When the pics are shared, pay careful attention to the oil-slick in the corner. That's you (without powder). Powder with a bit of pigment is also a light alternative to foundation on 'good skin days', and of course, fabulous for touch-ups when you're pulling off a makeup long-haul. I've rounded up my trilogy of favourite powders... and there's not a drop of oil in sight!

This is a cult product on the beauty scene, and never fails to get the job of mattifying done. As you've probably deduced from the pic above, it's translucent. This means there's no extra coverage or colour involved when dusting it over the t-zone. It's an absolute machine in terms of destroying those pesky oily patches, and really helps to strengthen your makeup's lasting power. #winning

This is my foundation on days where liquid foundation is just too much of a chore. I'm talking winter mornings where it is so unbearably cold that your normal face-base is sitting right around -3 degrees. No way jose! Because this is mineralised, it really allows your skin to breathe for a bit, and serves as a break from the ordinarily-thick layer of tint. I love the coverage that it gives, and always keep it handy when out and about. It's also a star mattifyer, and will forever be a staple in my stash. Only problem - M.A.C have decided it would be fun to change the packaging, and let's just say I'm not impressed. Dear M.A.C, change it back. - sincerely, me.

This is basically a cheap and cheerful sidekick of my M.A.C msf. It's got that same, lightweight but generous coverage, and keeps my makeup set in place all day long. Snaps for Australis because I do appreciate the mirror in this one, and it also has a little space below for a powder sponge. Bulletproof packaging and an affordable price make it a handbag-bound essential. Feeling fresh? Yep. Flawless? Damn right.

P.S. My powder brush of choice is the Sigma F30. Basically, if I was Harry Potter, this would be my wand. It's pretty magical.

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  1. Love the mineralise skin finish natural :) I've not heard of Australis and if it's that affordable I'll have to have a look :)


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