Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Dynamic Duo | NARS

If I had to choose one brand of makeup that I could ransack at Mecca Cosmetica, it would have to be NARS. They go above and beyond on pretty much all aspects of the cosmetics playing field - from the packaging, to the products themselves, and everything in between. These are two game-stoppers that will turn your beauty world upside down. I love a good bronzer, and adore a peachy blush, so there's no surprise that two of NARS' most-hyped offerings call my makeup collection home.

Orgasm Blush: *Cough cough* Ah-hem, sorry folks. Turns out that matte, black packaging isn't the only NARS trademark - they also have some not-so-PG-names. That aside, this blush is one of my all time favourites! Coral/peach/warm shades with a good hint of shimmer are so flattering on many skin tones. This is like a highlighter and blush all in one, and its glow-factor will have the angels singing. I lightly (emphasis on the lightly part because there is no room for clown cheeks here) dust this over the cheeks with a stippling brush for a natural, and even, finish. 

Laguna Bronzer: SO.MUCH.LOVE. I've had this bronzer for what seems like eternity now, and am still going strong. It is basically perfection in a pan. You won't look like a cheesel, or an oompa-loompa, because this shade manages to give a great amount of warmth without the orange undertones to go with it. Yes. I have deemed this my favourite beauty product of all time on a few occasions now, and can safely say that it still holds this title. Whether it's the peak of summer or coldest day in winter, I will whip this bronzer out and look like a glamazon princess. 

That's all that needs to be said for these definitely-dynamic prods. Next time you grace a NARS counter, hand over your credit card and look away. These two will make the splurge all worth while! 


  1. I know these two products are major gems by Nars and I really REALLY want to try them :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

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