Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Brush To Make You Blush | The Edit

I've found that lately, getting a flush of colour on the cheeks can be achieved in one of many ways: A) Look in the mirror after your daily dose of exercise and behold the tomato in front of you B) Step outside in the icy Melbourne transition stage between Autumn and Winter - this method may also result in a red nose and freezing extremities C) Using the perfect-shaped brush, dust over a blush of your choice on the apples of the cheeks. Hmmm, having weighed up the options, I think I'm going to stick with C, and I have 3 tools that will make blush application less like circus-clown-prep and more Blake Lively glowing-from-within-esque.

Blush is always a makeup step that people can be pretty iffy about. This is probably because we tend to have quite a bit of redness in our cheeks already. However, when you apply foundation, concealer and all that jazz, your skin can really end up looking quite lack-lustre. I adore the Ecotools Blush Brush for a light sweeping of colour. It doesn't pack the colour on, and I would definitely recommend this one for those that take quite a minimal approach. It's also the least exy out of the three! Next up, the Sigma F40 (white hairs) is my top pick from the bunch. As you can see, the shape is quite different to the others, and is very angular. This really makes blush a walk in the park, and is great for those who can never seem to get blush right (aka me most of the time). It seriously does all the work for you, and is also a contouring superstar. Last but not least, the Napoleon Perdis Chisel Brush is a small, precise and profesh choice that doubles up as a highlighting and contour brush. The handle on this one is so long, and it's something I'd advise for budding makeup artists or other beauty-aholics out there like me.

Well, the choice is yours! Or are there any other cult-faves I should investigate? Until next time....



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