Sunday, 17 May 2015

Scent-re Stage | DKNY Be Delicious Perfume

So, this is write-a-blog-post attempt number I don't even know. You see, Blogger is really terrific and all, but recently (let's hope you haven't noticed), my photo quality has been sub-par. Take my prior post for example - see, it's kinda grainy if you're a fusspot like me. (Here's Gen from the future saying I have too, fixed that post now as well). Anyway, I've spent the last hour trying to type this up, but have been constantly interrupted by the annoying graininess. I just couldn't take it, and after a good Google sesh, I managed to solve it. *Hallelujah* This is probably boring you to pieces, but I am currently on cloud 9. If you (probably not) are currently struggling with the same issue, this post is a lifesaver. It looks all code-y and terrifying but if I can do it, you can too:

Ah, accomplishment. But now, enough tech talk - let's get down to business. I love a good fragrance, and don't necessarily star my faves too often on here. Sooo, I thought that for something a little different, I'd share my perfume pick of the moment with you all.

The DKNY Be Delicious EDP is my current, everyday, rushing-out-the-door spritz of choice. There's no unnecessary cap action, and the packaging is fabulously simple. It's sort of an abstract, apple shape if you squint your eyes a little and have a bit of imagination. Why an apple shape?, you wonder. Well, after just one whiff of this, you will be transported to fresh, delicious, apple-ish heaven. It's not like sticking your head into a Granny Smith or anything, but it has that slightly sweet, yet crisp and light scent of an apple counterpart. Just dose up on this next time you're at the MYER fragrance section - you'll totally understand.

Now, because I am no trained perfume-scent-describer, here's DKNY's down-low on Be Delicious:

'Bursting with a medley of fresh fruits, New York apples take centre stage, complimented by a dose of pear blossom and golden mango nectar.'

YUUUUM....and a 50ml bottle at Priceline for $62.30 - send it in by the gallon!


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  1. My favourite perfume by far for the past few years, I have the smaller green apple version and the larger red apple version too! I also smelled their recent Delicious Delights Cool Swirl which was incredible :-)

    Meg ♡


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