Monday, 8 June 2015

The Haul | IKEA, Sportgirl & Priceline

Soooooo, in the name of finishing exams and the long weekend, I decided to hit up some of my favourite stores. Justified? I think yes. By some of my fave stores, I mean IKEA, Sportsgirl and Priceline. IKEA is just a haven. Like, sometimes I contemplate packing my bags and actually moving into their display rooms. Sportsgirl is always fun to have a browse in and definitely fed my latest rose gold obsession. Aaaand, as that recent tumblr-ish post eloquently explains - 'I like long, romantic walks down the makeup aisle'.... so obviously, Priceline was a mandatory stop.

After prying myself away from all the squishy sofabeds and super-reclining recliner chairs, I picked up this 'GURLI' throw for my room. I've sprawled it out on my bed now, and the verdict is: oh so cosy.

Next, I intended to take a quick peek into Sportsgirl, but of course this turned into a good ol' hour-long peruse. I am really starting to get concerned about my addiction to anything rose gold/copperish. Every week or so I need something to fill my little, rose gold void and it so happened that there was a lovely phone case that fit the bill. I'm convinced that I'll just turn rose gold soon because of the high-exposure levels. The next cave-in was the little, black bag above. It has a gorgeous touch or r.g detailing and I am chuffed to have nabbed it for such a bargain. It was one of those 'find something on special but then take it to the counter and find out that it's even cheaper' situations and I came away feeling quite accomplished. The size is perfect for those like me that can't deal with bigger handbags, but need something to throw all their stuff in. Amazing.

Last up was a much-needed stroll through Priceline. My Sukin Skincare is an everyday must-have, so when I ran out of the moisturiser and got dangerously-low in the cleanser department, the stress was real. The sad part is, my skin really did take a turn for Pimple City during the few days that I went without my dynamic duo. Considering doing a post focusing on the range soon, so keep an eye out! In other news: I'm attending another formal this week. Woooo! With formals, comes some intense preening and primping, so I had to stock up on the essentials. That means some NIVEA Facial Cleansing Wipes, a can of L'Oréal Elnett Hairspray and a pair of Manicare Glameyes Taylor Lashes. They look fluttery but natural - exactly how I like it. Last up was a new foundation that can match a Bondi Sands glow that I will be sporting in the next day or so. I grabbed the L'Oréal Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation in w3. Tried it before and loved the way it sat on my skin. Will report back in more detail soon!

Kick back and be grateful for the Queen of England - aka the reason for this magical Monday-off. Until next time...


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  1. Love the bag <3 You're blog is wonderful (:


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