Sunday, 19 July 2015

The No-Fuss Concealer Routine

I'm all for minimalist makeup, and absolutely cannot stand the feeling of troweling on shedloads of foundation 24/7. So, after testing out Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer and noticing high coverage levels at a credit-card-friendly price, whilst managing to keep things looking natural, I was in love. This pairing is for lazy days, when you're looking at about a 0% forecast of any reasons to make the whole face up.

Seriously, this concealer/brush duo is for the real no-makeup makeup days, when I am resembling Frankenstein's monster at a bout 5 mins before needing to get my butt out of the door. A few swipes (when I say a few, I mean around 8347343) under my eyes, over any redness, and on my chin - aka the pimple capital of my face - and I am done. Blending is a dream with the Real Techniques Contour Brush, and although it is dubbed for contouring, I much prefer using it as my concealer-blender-in-erer. Word? It is now.

Basically, if you're on the lookout for a top-notch concealer, that won't break the bank, Rimmel Wake Me Up needs to take wishlist-priority and call your makeup collection home, asap. These two products are a match made in heaven, and there's no separating them in my morning routine. Diamonds Concealers are a girl's best friend, and this one's going on the 'must repurchase' mental note, as I'm just about out. Eeek.

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