Saturday, 15 August 2015

So You're Sick & It Sucks...| TLC Beauty

I've gotta say, motivation was in minimum supply when contemplating what to post this week. Normally, I like to consider myself quite a motivated person - but when surrounded by copious amounts of used tissues, restlessly checking the time to see whether or not I can take another Strepsil, and slowing lapsing into a TV series coma (Parks and Recreation is my choice of binge), I just didn't feel like doing that much. Hmmm, I thought. What to talk about when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired? *Cue lightbulb* I know! Part the sea of tissues, pause Parks and Rec, scatter all the bits and bobs that are working together in harmony to get you back to norm, and hey presto! (If only you saw what was behind the camera - me with nose-rash thing, trackies donned, rocking Chet Faker merch top, sporting serious bedhair, trying to hold back a deluge of snot. Yum.) Basically, if you've got that festy, season-shift, crash cold, then I've got you sorted with a few of my favourite things.

Just sanitise everything you touch, and hope that nobody else will catch the plague. Best way to do this without smelling like methylated spirits (Dettol, I'm looking at you) is by voraciously squirting some Thankyou Hand Sanitiser everywhere. It's all citrusy-scented and kills the germs that are currently calling you home. You don't want anyone else to start feeling as grotty as you are, so this quarantining is essential. Of course, if you can be bothered going to the closest bathroom, using actual water and soap is pretty great too. And if you do make it to the bathroom, slather on a decent layer of Aesop's Parsley Seed Face Mask. *Avoid that 'nose-rash thing' because man, there would be some serious stinging going on*. Pop it everywhere else that has copped the wrath of your sickliness. If you're anything like me, your skin will take a turn for the worst whilst being unwell, and this mask is my go-to when everything's turning nasty. Oooo, and if you get any really bad whiteheads, some Mario Badescu Drying Lotion will never go astray. I popped this on some pesky pimples with a q-tip and was pleased to see they had noticeably died down the next morn.

When resting up in bed, I like to ration out my screen time, reading time and sleeping time to have an ultimate chill-out. My phone will never leave my side, yet it's good to put it down for a while and do a bit of reading to relax. Being sick is actually a great excuse to drop everything and just read a good book. I began Tina Fey's Bossypants, which I have been dying to flip through for absolute yonks. It's only the beginning, but so far, so good. Duh, it's Tina Fey...nothing she does can be subpar. Already laughing out loud and nodding after every few lines in agreement with what this goddess has to say.

Ok don't freak out, but you may have to leave the house at some point looking like the type of monster I described earlier on. The bedhair will just have to make do, but there are two makeup items that can reassure everyone that you are actually human. Load on some concealer (Rimmel's Wake Me Up is an unsurprising favourite of mine) and throw on the ultimate red herring of beauty products - that is, a BOLD lip colour. Rimmel's Kate Moss line offers some great hot pinks.

I love your lip colour. Oh, you're not feeling well? No way!

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