Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Mascara That Trumps All Others | Too Faced 'Better Than Sex'

Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara is definitely more than just a raunchy name. Despite the slightly-hushed tone that beauty vloggers mention this in, there is no denying the drum of hype that it's sparked. I'm convinced the makeup Gods have sent this one down from heaven, in pity of all those sad, clumpy, boring lashes that are the direct result of using other half-hearted attempts at a good mascara. Too Faced, you're on the money, and even though your naming breeds some ground for debatability, one thing is for sure - THIS.MASCARA.ROCKS.

So why have I fallen head over heels for this pink, metallic tube filled with black, goopy stuff? Well, somehow, it just works. It's plain to see I'm a makeup maven, but mascara takes things to a whole new level. It's the first makeup product I properly picked up and used, and will definitely be the last I put down. Till death do us part, amiright? Hop in a time machine and transport back to Grade 5, 2008 where you'll find foursquare-obsessed, SUPRÉ-worshipping, pre-teen Gen, and watch the love affair unfold between mascara & me. Nawwwww. But, that was Mum's 6 month old Covergirl/Maybelline/Revlon/who-knows-because-the-name-was-rubbed-off mascara, and I'm talking about the real deal now. See, this mascara holds the curl, comes close to looking like a pair of falsies (without all the struggle of lash application) and just delivers that all-round WOW factor. Flutter your lashes with this slathered on, and you're sure to melt a few dozen hearts. Persuaded yet? Thought so.

To sum things up: you need this mascara in your life. If you're yet to test it out - go. Now. Do it. Treat yoself. Until next time...


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