Sunday, 13 September 2015

Cleaning Makeup Brushes Sans Fuss

I love makeup. The more glitter, colour, textures - the better. But if there is one thing that I cannot stand about the whole makeup experience, it is the tedious chore of cleaning brushes. Let's be real - it doesn't happen often enough. Makeup brushes accumulate all sorts of nasty germs, and nobody wants to have the leftover residue of a black smokey eye on their next-day 'barely there' wash of champagne shadow on the lids. So...moral of the story:
you need to clean your brushes. Time to promote this job to the top of your to-do list, because I have the simplest cleansing routine down pat and that leaves no room for excuses.

All you need is a washcloth, water, and the star of the show: a bottle of Johnson's baby shampoo. Yep, it's seriously as simple as that. I find that for a deep clean of makeup brushes, nothing works as well as baby shampoo. It'll leave your brushes super soft, clean and smelling lovely. It's literally a trip to the grocery store away, and will by no means break the bank. And if there's already a baby in your household for whatever reason, you are good to go. Très simple, and I like it. Just squeeze some out onto a washcloth or even onto the palm of your hand if you're lazy like me, swirl a foundation-drenched brush around, rinse it out under the tap, squeeze out excess water and leave it to dry lying down over the edge of your bathtub. Seriously easy stuff, and your skin will be thanking you for it. Those pesky pimples you've been getting lately? Could be down to some germy brushes in need of a good soak.

Scrub-a-dub-dub away. Until next time...



  1. Great post. I would have never thought to use baby shampoo! Thanks for that tip!


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