Tuesday, 6 October 2015


A couple of weeks back I flew up to Sydney and of course managed to factor in my first trip ever to the glorious, monochrome, makeup-filled mothership we all know as Sephora. It.was.amazing. My no.1 tip if you're planning to pay a visit: go roughly an hour or so before the store shuts - it's as quiet as you'll ever find it. This meant there was space for swatching and a perfect environment for a stress-free peruse. Being a list-lover and slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to planning many small details in prep for sprees like this, it was unusual that I went in with no real idea of what I wanted. This also meant no restraints, so it was a serious surprise to see that I only came away with 3 things. 3! How?! #proud #selfcontrol

Anastasia was the brand I gravitated towards first, and I had some reasoning behind my mini splurge. That reasoning? My fave, Napoleon Perdis brow pencil had just ran out and I was stranded in Sydney with sparse eyebrows. So, it was mandatory to try their coveted Brow Wiz (medium brown) and chuck in a Dipbrow Pomade (soft brown) whilst at it. These 2 prods have a lot of hype associated with them, and I will be sure to report back soon. 

Next stop was all about tracking down some liquid lipsticks. One could easily deduce this after I walked out of the store by simply gazing at my left hand - a colour palette of Kat Von D's finest. I kind of did want to put in a request to take 'one of each colour', but thankfully I brought a friend with me whose sensibility outweighed my spur of impulsiveness. 'No Gen, walk away,' she demanded, and like a child losing an argument with their mum in the toy aisle, I pulled a displeased face, crossed my arms and moved along. I did however, settle with just one gorgeous, deep-red Cream Lip Stain from Sephora's own line. I've again, heard lots of stories of long-lasting goodness and out-of-this-world pigmentation, so decided to give it a whirl. Am I glad? Yes x172728282 - it is amazing

Well, that was my first, successful Sephora-stop. Ahhhh, take me back. There's actually a store coming to Melbs relatively soon, so be prepared for a round 2. I know I am. 

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