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Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Impulse Purchase That Your Cheekbones Will Love

Hello fellow highlighter devotees. This one's for you. 

I somehow found myself in the glorious pinnacle of all makeup stores that you may know as Sephora.* I think they came to Melbourne specifically to steal all of my money. The pull of those luminous black and white stripes become all too much and I cannot resist having a peruse when in Melbourne Central. Peruse is my swanky way of saying I raid every single aisle to see how many unnecessary beauty bits I can shove into my basket. In the meantime I've missed about 22 trains and the sales assistants are getting angsty as it's 7pm and they want to close goddammit. Sorry!

I usually come out of Sephora questioning my self-control. This trip was no exception. In my defence, I was not interested in purchasing any makeup whatsoever. Hah! I don't even believe that lie myself. However, I was genuinely on my way out of the mothership feeling quite accomplished when all of a sudden a glimmer or glistening goodness caught my eye. No, it couldn't be. The Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop by beauty connoisseur Jaclyn Hill was practically sold out in every continent. A world shortage! Yet there it was. Two of them were wrapped up in a rubber band and had been thrown on the shelf. My days of employment at Priceline led me to devise the theory that these 2 stray Champagne Pops had been forgotten about in the depths of a drawer somewhere in that Sephora, and were propped back on the shelf just before I walked past. It was fate. I felt that if I did not take one of those Champagne Pops in that moment, the rest of my life would have been filled with excruciating regret. This is the psychology of the impulse purchase. 

Retailing at $60, it definitely provides a mild blow to hip-pocket. It was the hype that made me do it. Endless raving about this powder's powers made me feel obliged to give it a whirl, and holy mother of illumination IT WORKS. Certified wizardry. Its illuminating properties outshine all my highlighters put together smothered in gold. Mhm, that good. It is an extremely dramatic, yellow-gold highlight à la the whole strobing trend. I love how the slightest dip of your brush into this can achieve such a wondrous glow. Absolutely worth the dosh. My cheekbones and I had a chat and collectively decided we're ditching the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette for a while in exchange for this beauty. 

*When i say 'found myself' I mean I hands-and-knees begged my friend to let me enter despite the spectacular damage that was going to be inevitably done. She rolled her eyes and realised there was 0 point arguing a debate that I had already won. 

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