Saturday, 25 June 2016

Once You Go Scotch Tape, You'll Never Go Back

The cult winged liner can seem as easy as ABC until that second eye just doesn't seem to match up with the first one, and oh god no, did you just sneeze? You're dousing your eyes with copious amounts of Bioderma and mustering the patience to take it from the top. We've all been there. That's why I've got the oldest beauty hack in the book for you to have under your belt to achieve a clean flick, minus the mess.

I was doing a friend's makeup just the other day and my first step was pulling out some scotch tape from a desk drawer and sticking it on her face. She seemed more confused than intrigued and so I explained to her that placing a small piece of tape diagonally underneath the lash line on an angle so that it meets the end of your brows will achieve some pretty cool results. I also informed her that doing this before foundation was vital, to avoid any strange splotch marks where the tape would peel off the base makeup. She told me it was weird and was probably contemplating running out the door the next time I turned around to get an eyeshadow brush. 

Once your tape is in place, you can go ahead and do all of your eyeshadow as normal. The best part is, you can be as messy as you like because that tape is going to act as a barrier to ensure a clean-cut line no matter what. Next step is to take a matte, black shadow on an angled liner brush. Using the tape as a stencil, draw your typical feline flick. The shadow is full-proof and easily blendable, but if you're feeling confident, this step can be done with a traditional liquid liner, or a gel counterpart. 

Peeling off the pieces of tape has to be the most satisfying step in any makeup routine. VoilĂ , you've got a razor-sharp, perfect wing that will elongate the eyes and fool everyone into thinking that you are a descendent of Bobbi Brown. 

In desperate times, I've attempted this whole manoeuvre with your average, run-of-the-mill sticky tape. It just doesn't stick the same due to the natural oils in the skin. If you haven't got scotch tape on hand, use something like your Priceline card that has a hard, straight edge. It will work just as well. When the girl at the checkout asks you why your Sister Club card is covered in bronze eyeshadow, you'll smile and advise them to add a new 'benefit' of the membership system to their info pamphlet. 

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