THE TROVE is essentially a beauty/style/everything platform that houses all of my favourite things. It really is my 'treasure trove'. It's also serving as a rationalisation for all that makeup I am hoarding up in my bedroom. Fun fact: cosmetics double up as a form of flooring - you should see the amount of products sprawled out beside my bed right now. I'm beginning to forget what my carpet looks like. 

So what is this all for, you may be wondering. I don't know what it is about all these tubes of liquids and pots of creams and pans of powders that gets me so darn excited. Perhaps it's in the way that a red lip can transform you, that a perfume can encapsulate a person, that a highlighter can force you to do a double-take in the mirror - "JLO, is that you?" Basically, I am still unable to quite put my finger on why it is that I am so taken with this all. (Probably just haven't outgrown that toddler stage where you find any makeup within reach and smother it all over your face because it seems like the right thing to do and you are a mini Lisa Eldridge in the making). 

This is what I know for sure: I'm setting out to allay any make up fears, provide some lighthearted weekly reading, and share a few of my passions with the blogosphere. Think of it this way... I'll buy the prods, take them for a test drive, and report back on whether they're worthy of the splurge. It'll slow my cashflow, but hopefully improve yours. 


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