Friday, 22 July 2016

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Raquel

What do I love most in my peachy pink Mecca bag? A peachy pick lipstick purchase of course...

The NARS Audacious Lipsticks (RRP $48 AUS) are veritable masterpieces. After sliding off the sleek, matte lid and revealing that gloriously immaculate brand embossing, you'll be struggling to hold in ooo's and ahh's. Absolutely tantalising. I would contently frame this lippy and reserve it for eternal mantlepiece adornment purposes. Alas, makeup is meant for putting all over one's face rather than on a plank of wood in your living room.

The notion of purchasing a lipstick only to arrive home and refuse to use said lipstick is absurd to those who don't share my condition*. Pfft it is a tube of coloured lip stuff in a box, the cynics will say. Nevertheless, we proceed with caution and whimper at the thought of marring its beauty. Hitting the 'N' on that NARS engraving is illogically unnerving, but the fear is very real.

Looks aside, it's the pigmentation and quality of the lipstick itself that truly has me in raptures. After having my makeup professionally done earlier this year, my beauty wish list was revolutionised. Raquel jumped to Top Priority Purchase position - a creamy, salmony, browny, pinky, ALL of the y's nude. The perfect nude suddenly became not-so unattainable.

Luxury is not always synonymous with quality when it comes to makeup. Yet, from the few times I've applied Raquel to my pout already, I am feeling no shame RE the splurge. The shade range is très extensive, and this one-swipe wonder will pack a punch of colour whilst keeping things nice and moisturised all day or night long. Get on it.

*An irrational and economically-detrimental devotion to cosmetic products.


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