Sunday, 3 December 2017

Smashing Sorrento smashes avo and all of your cravings

Here's a wild thought. You're sitting like a pea in a plush, sun-doused pod on Sorrento's bustling esplanade. Despite the hoards of summer-goers streaming past, you're oblivious to the afternoon Mubble gelato rush. It's golden hour, with the swelter swiftly melting the ice in your chilled latte. Bailey Nelson's are shielding your gaze. You people watch and menu peruse until coming to the well-calculated conclusion that it will take the following week to efficiently trial the range of platescapes on offer. 

Ah, just when you thought we were canvassing heaven, all of this and more is just an assertive group text away from reality. 'Get in losers, we're going brunching'. Welcome to Smashing Sorrento


MUSHROOM MEDLEY 18 oven roasted mushrooms on toasted multigrain beetroot hommus, toasted pine nuts & thyme (w/ poached egg if you're in need of a protein hit).  

They say Rome wasn't built in a day, but the pace at which this epic dish was delivered to the table leaves room for debate. This mega-serving of juicy mushies is a bona fide hangover helper, complete with a bed of beetroot goodness. It'll have you questioning how socially unacceptable it would be to pull a crockery-lick when no one's watching. 

Like any brunching haven, Smashing has a menu to pore over. From smoothies and caffeine to buns and bircher, your eyes will prove most definitely larger than your tummy. Wooooops. Food coma? Grin and bear it.

Whether you're all about a strictly Bondi Sands kinda glow, or have the tanning oil at the ready for an arvo bronzing sesh, there are a mix of both outdoor and indoor seating arrangements to slink between. The aforementioned pod is one that will prompt the channeling of your inner seagull as you seek to claim it for your clan. Once free, flock like there's a bag of hot chippies inside. Once secured, kick back, relax and recline like a veritable queen for an hour or ten. 


BIRCHER MUESLI green tea & apple bircher, berry coulis coconut yoghurt & fresh fruit 

If you're hell-bent on a fresher feed, this muesli is your new muse. You had me at coyo. Chuck an Insta story of this one up and please both your 'gram and your gut. 

After you've terminated the feasting sesh, grab some SPF, a glossy mag and inevitably sing that one line of that one Nicki Minaj track. It's time to hit the beach running. Blairgowrie rock jump, anyone? 

| SMASHING SORRENTO is located at 119-125 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento, Victoria, Australia |

See you next Sunday morn after one-too-many mojitos on Saturday night. You're that predictable...


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