Tuesday, 16 October 2018


TROVE has been around the block a few times, trawling through an inexhaustible number of bars, cafes, restaurants, venues and freelance services in Melbourne. After aeons spent ferociously hitting on bartenders, devouring plates and devising elaborate ploys to kidnap local baristas, TROVE has discerned the bad from the good on the lifestyle frontline.

Now, TROVE is sieving through its gastronomy savoir-faire to deliver you a roundup of Melbourne’s movers and shakers, striking up conversation with those at the helm of these ventures. They’re the people saying ‘f*ck it’ to the status quo across a wild gamut of industries (one antipasto platter, craft cocktail or cheese toastie at a time).

TROVE is set to chronicle La Nouvelle Vague of hospo casanovas that our city has bred to reject conventional biz norms. Put simply, they’re doing sh*t differently - bidding farewell to trade mundanities, embracing quippy marketing tactics, propelling rogue visual content, rejecting the burgeoning temptation of ‘selling out’ on socials, creating community initiatives and retreating to codes of congeniality. Because, in all honestly, who the heck wants a unicorn-derived, convertible-speed, fluorescent green bowl of ‘idk’ on their plate for $500 and nothing but a subpar VSCO-filtered snap to show for it?

In a (at times) tres exclusif, influencer-focused era, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish what is ‘tasty af’ and what is ‘fun to eat for free if you have a following of 180k+ online’. Let’s go back to the future, with the basics held firmly in sight. Stay tuned, Part 1 is hotter than a fresh block of Mersey Valley cheese.


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