Saturday, 3 January 2015

Justine | Beauty Chat #1

It is officially 2015 and I have already failed to abide by almost all of my new year's resolutions. Yay me. I've only just realised that they're obnoxiously cliché and also totally unrealistic, but it seemed like a good plan at the time. However, one of my little, mental 'to-do's' for this brand-spanking-new year was to introduce a mini-series onto Editor in the Making. I've entitled it 'Beauty Chat,' and it's going to feature some of my friends, family, and other people that I particularly enjoy in this world. They'll be dishing out some refreshing makeup goss and giving you the occasional break from all of my monotonous blabber. I don't know about you, but I am very excited for this. So for our debut, I have invited one of my favourite humans ever onto the EINTM stage. She happily obliged, and let me take multiple pictures of her face which she then proceeded to change her FaceBook profile picture with. Trust. Without further ado, I'd like to introduce Justine. She's a lover of minimalistic makeup, fellow eyeliner-phobe and fancies a good, bronze eyeshadow. You can already tell we are one in the same. #sisterfromanothermister

Today's Beauty Chat is a 'What's in HER Makeup Bag'. I have no idea what it is (probably my inner nosiness and love for a good rummage around) but I really enjoy seeing what other people use makeup-wise. Especially if those people aren't totally beauty ballistic like me.

Our interview commenced by Justine digging her hand into a packet of Smiths Original Thinly Cut Chips whilst scrolling through her Instagram feed (many of our conversations go similarly) and me demanding some sort of comment on her first product, being the NARS Albatross Illuminator.
Justine: "It makes me feel sparkly. That is literally all that I have to say. It just gives a nice bit of sparkle and... (I then mouthed the word glow as the poor dear was struggling for deets) GLOW."

Next up is the Maybelline Masterprecise Eyeliner.
I: "Talk to me"
Justine: "It just goes on so easily. It's a lot more convenient than other eyeliners. As you can see here though it is running out."
I: "Justine, I'm recording this for your feedback, no one can actually watch what you're doing right now."
Justine: "Wait, what?"

Justine: "This is the L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation. It's just really nice and isn't too thick. It's got a light to medium coverage. It doesn't really cover as much as I'd like it to, to be honest... but I still love it."
Justine's favourite adjective for this one was 'nice', said quite nonchalantly I may add.
I: "Does it make you look dewy? In a good way?"
Justine: "Yes. But I'm kind of a very oily person."
We both then giggled a bit and managed to regain composure for the Covergirl LashBlast Volume Mascara.
Justine: "I love it so much but it's almost run out completely."
I: "How many months have you had that for, Juz?"
Justine: *Insert smirk* "Longer than I would like to admit."

The Maybelline Bad to the Bronze Colour Tattoo is seriously adored by the two of us.
Justine: "It is just a really good one to apply with your fingers."
I: "Don't have to worry about brushes. Ain't nobody got time for dat".
Justine: "Nope, never have to use an eyeshadow brush with this one. It's quite good for going out to parties and stuff. Long lasting."
WARNING: We both hate the fact that this one dries out super-duper quickly.

NARS Laguna Bronzer.
Justine: "It's pretty self-explanitory. It's just good. On a scale of 1 to beautiful, I'd say pretty *innapropriate adjective here* hot."
I: "Justine!"
Justine: "It also has a huge mirror which I love for sitting at my desk and watching gossip girl whilst doing my makeup at the same time. Then, last but not least is my NIVEA Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Pink Guava. I just take it with me everywhere and it's...delicious".

Justine's makeup bag is from Mozi and she's popped an Ecotools Powder Brush in there also for obvious applicational purposes.

Thank you Juz! Come back soon. Mwah!

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