Friday, 13 February 2015

Napoleon Perdis Workshop + Haul

Napoleon Perdis has always struck me as an exciting, proudly-Australian, colourful cosmetics brand. It was only last weekend however, at the acclaimed 'Napoleon Perdis Academy,' that I picked up one of their products and put it all over my face. Craziness, I know. Love was instantaneous, hence the 'haul' part of this post. I fell and I fell fast - no time for boys this Valentine's, but NP is the latest cosmetics affair. I completed a 'Paparazzi Ready' day course, and gained a lot of great tips in a short space of time. Who knew there was more to learn? I have adored makeup for a good 7 years now, and am pleasantly surprised to realise that I don't in fact, know everything

A few of my favourite, little beauty-bits from the day:
-'Not to prime is a crime' - As NP says himself, priming is essential in your everyday makeup routine. if you want your marvellous creation to last, don't forget that magic first-step!
-Own a bronzer + a contour, because there is a difference - contour goes in the hollows of your cheeks, down either side of the nose, in the crease of your eyes, across the temples and also on the highest points of your forehead. Bronzer on the other hand, should be dusted across the cheeks, similarly to blush.
-Blush on the apples - I have always been confused about where to actually apply blush, and I am 100% certain that I'm not the only one. Turns out, it's been confirmed: crack a smile and apply lightly across the apples of your cheeks. Don't go too high up!
-Mascara first? This one really did perplex me, and I wasn't too keen. But, applying mascara before eyeshadow or brows really does help to map out where you want to go next. With mascara in play, you will get a more realistic glimpse at what your final look will be like whilst still applying the eyeshadow. Just try it.

So, after spending a good chunk of my day in a makeup wonderland, I had to utilise the exclusive discount that Napoleon offer to their students. Here's what I simply could not leave without owning:
-Brow Pencil in Pale Rider - this is a blonde brow pencil...and I am a brunette. Huh? Turns out, going a shade lighter than your natural hair colour is actually a go. I'm loving the natural yet defined arch this wax pencil gives.
-Blush Patrol - A stunning baked blush, that is warming, yet also illuminating on the cheeks. Glow in a pan, basically!
-Radiance Boosting Primer- I love a good bit of radiance, and this primer is pretty much the embodiment of luminosity. It can be applied on it's own before foundation to make sure everything stays put, it can be mixed in with your base to add a glorious sheen, or it can be used directly as a highlighter to the cheekbones and other high points.
-Colour Disc in Green Living - Just to clarify, this isn't really a green shadow. It's my favourite combination of bronze and chocolate brown, with a shimmer that is captured in the light. Perfect to achieve a warm, dramatic smoky eye, or ideal to apply in the crease lightly for a day out.
-22b Brush - I don't think it's normal to be this excited about a brush. It's shape is incredible for contouring, donning blush, dusting highlighter and it's not a shedder!

Whether you're a complete makeup 'noob', or think that your beauty encyclopaedia has reached maximum capacity like me, this course is a must-do! You'll learn how to master a skincare routine, create a gorgeous day look and customise your own dazzling night-out visage.


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