Saturday, 25 February 2017

An Ode to Zoë Foster Blake | Amazinger Face

Ever scrunched your face up when trying to follow a smokey eye tutorial? Or maybe you've reached for a $3 packet of SmartSkin makeup remover wipes in lieu of a skincare routine?

Does the idea of a regimented production line of creams going on your face every morning and night make your head a little achey? 

Do you wear SPF in Winter?

What in the hell does 'spoolie' mean? 

HOW ON EARTH does one master the oxymoronic notion of a 'No Makeup, Makeup Look'?!

Phewph. Through the talisman of her peachy Beauty Bible, Amazinger Face, Zoë Foster Blake is here to help. I've had a pretty hefty and unapologetic Girl Crush on Zoë for a number of years now, and still remember devouring the OG Amazing Face on a Summer staycay devoid of wifi or television. I sat on the couch with that veritable beauty encyclopedia and a tub of ice cream. Within a wickedly funny sentence or two, I was besotted with this woman and how she made the hard and boring stuff (like sun protection and skin types) sound so fun and simple. What I lost in cardio fitness over those few days, I gained in juicy, honest, real-life advice. It felt like the most exclusive yet relatable insight into the minds of the beauty biz's elite. 

Naturally, when Amazinger Face was released in all of its copper-accented glory, I had to get my grubby little mitts on a copy. Partially for coffee table adornment purposes, but mostly to be enveloped once again in Zoë's quippy, light-hearted and stupidly funny beauty bites. Every hack, trick and routine has been dissected and familiarised to make makeup seem a little less overwhelming and to strip everything 'face' down to what matters. It's almost as if you are casually sitting down with Zoë at her dresser and she is talking you through her stash, one cream blush and tinted moisturiser at a time. 

Amazinger Face still includes the same scandalous beauty info leaked in Amazing Face, but is a sparkly, newer, beefed-up edition. Basically the older, slightly more swanky, yet equally as humble and hilarious sister. Zoë's own Go-To Skincare line is also effortlessly woven throughout, hence my ever-growing wish list and inability to save a cent for stuff that isn't the colour peach.  

A true wordsmith and all-round beauty buff, Zoë is one gal who knows what she's talking about and exactly how to talk about it. Could not recommend this read more highly. She's bloody well done it again. 

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