Sunday, 9 July 2017

G is for Glossier

I successfully smuggled Glossier across the Australian border. Hooray!

Lusting over Glossier-centric hauls, Insta stories, billboard snaps and model-lead tutorials is something that I'm sure a lot of us are guilty of down under - and many parts of the world for that matter. That's why I hired a personal Glossier mule to turn a very reigned-in wish list into a glorious, glossy reality. (Thank you Dom for your enthusiasm in and commitment to this greedy little cause of mine. Oh, and for transporting that pink bubblewrap bag halfway across the world for me. You're a gem.)

Glossier skincare and makeup has taken the beauty world by absolute storm in its outrageously aesthetic packaging and streamlined array of minimalistic offerings. Their Instagram is one to follow for a general amazing time. FACT: If you've made it on that page, you are certifiably and effortlessly cool.

From cheek stains to jelly cleansers and luminous highlighting sticks, the brand has served up a feast of products to swatch and sample in a meticulous, pastel haven that is the Lafayette Street showroom in New York. Next time you're biting the Big Apple, take a detour to roam around this lipstick-filled loft.

O N   M Y  L I S T:

- Boy Brow in Brown
- Generation G Lipstick in Cake
- Stretch Concealer in Light
- Cloud Paint in Beam

T H E  R E P O R T  T H U S  F A R

Boy Brow has speedily become a staple in my everyday slapdash of a routine. This tinted brow gel tames and colours whilst locking in a shape that holds from 9-5. I am not surprised whatsoever to love this lazy prod. It's so, so teeny-tiny that I am already having a paranoiac episode RE it running out. Who is going to America soon? *Nervous laugh*

Generation G is extremely sheer and your-lips-but-better ish. If you're all about a mild tint with moisture then Bob's your uncle.

Stretch concealer is an ultra-creamy pot of gold that I am getting very used to smearing on my under-eye bags in pursuit of deceiving coworkers, friends and strangers into believing that I slept 8hrs the prior night. Yet to conduct a survey but I'm telling myself that it's working. More to come on this one.

Cloud paint is a major YES. Beam is that lush, peachy orange colour that makes my heart flutter every time I squeeze a bit on my cheeks. Whilst I love to admire my blushes sitting pretty in a makeup drawer, I rarely stay loyal to using one every day and tend to be more biased to a good bronzer. After applying this one the other day, I'm feeling as if I've finally found a soulmate of a blush. The liquid formula boasts dewiness and sheen whilst the colour adds a perfect, tangerine flush to an otherwise dull cheekbone.

In conclusion, customs are going to have fight me if I ever personally make it over to that concrete jungle with a credit card.

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