Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Combi Melbourne

Today's Tuesday morning was spliced with Love Island binging and bircher muesli scoffing, both activities proving equally as juicy and enthralling. Catching up with a friend from uni was in order, and we decided to meet halfway at one of Melbourne's most renowned brunch spots (one that I ashamedly had never visited prior to this) for some face-stuffing and a general chitchat.

Combi is nestled in the trendy heart of Elwood, squeezed between the myriad shops and cafés lining Ormond Road. Whilst its humble, almost shack-like exterior doesn't scream 'INSTA ME', there was not a seat untethered inside. The amount of Melburnians streaming out from its interior made me do a confused double take to reconsider my spatial relations à la that Mary Poppins' bag scene. 

Opting for the one free seat outside, I swiftly came to understand how much of a local fave and esteemed coffee pitstop Combi is. 

The cabinets inside are adorned with jewels of raw cakes and creations sure to make anyone (not just vegans and health-junkies) drool. Whilst Combi has a central focus on healthy, organic and all-round 'good stuff', its menu stands as the firm antidote to your sweet tooth. 

A whopping four black and white pages see a host of vibrant brekkie and lunch offerings, as well as the most lavish smoothie concoctions EVER. With that many flavours printed on the menu and my serious case of indecision, I may as well have just flipped a coin to quit um-ing and ah-ing.

My bircher muesli and cacao smoothie looked BE-yootiful, but I must admit they were awfully deceptive in terms of how full I was about to become. Midway through my feast-of-a-plate and a mere few sips into that chocolatey dream-of-a-drink, motor skills were beginning to slow. I was SO unbelievably stuffed that I had to admit defeat and leave a trail of muesli behind me as we emerged from our little sun-enveloped table. 

Cannot wait to morph into a human vacuum at Combi Byron Bay (their second, much larger and pastel-ier installation) in a week or so. Take me to the warmth and the pancakes.  

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