Sunday, 14 May 2017

TDE / The Daily Edited loot

If you're exceptionally good at losing your belongings or just yearn for the days when your mother would iron personalised labels onto your jumpers, this one's for you.

A well-seasoned cameo star on almost every Insta feed, I'm sure The Daily Edited are in no need of an introduction.

These monogram maniacs essentially emboss a variety of their leather goods with your very own initials, name, dog's name, or any combination of letters that your heart desires.

Seeping with pastel and floral fanfare, it's tough to waltz into a TDE store and not turn all starry-eyed and impulsive. The stock includes key rings, handbags, clutches, phone cases - the list goes ON.

I am going to turn into a broke narcissist who has every accessory engraved with their own initials if someone does not permanently block their website from my browser. Seriously, I am plotting my next purchase as I type this.

In a recent turn of events, I came into the possession of a new phone. With the weight of such an exy purchase in my hands, I decided that a heavy duty protective case would be in order. That's why I invested in a purely aesthetically-motivated TDE mock crock offering. Ha. Weighing up shock absorption vs rose gold accents sure was a tough one.

Coming in at $49.95, with a plethora of colours, textures, fonts and metallic monogram styles on offer, you'd be mad not to pay your nearest counter or store a visit and show your handheld device some love. Plus, LOOK AT THE PACKAGING. Who knew a pink-dipped cardboard box could bring one so much joy. My hat goes off to your ingenious graphic designers and the clever cats behind your marketing team.

Have a peek and I'll take the blame for your reckless expenditure:


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