Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Month That Was

 /  May. 

As the Kardashians gathered at a glorious Costa Rican spread in the recent instalment of KUWTK, each family member shared a 'pit' and a 'peak' of the feud-filled family holiday. I'd say my May went a similar way. From slothing it in the depths of the new Tonsillitis Recovery Unit (my bed) of my private ward (my home), to the launches of Melbourne's hottest new eateries, it's been a month of a whole lot of peaking and a respective amount of pit-ing. Call me a Kardashian, but I think I've got the hang of this dinner table tradition.

A diet of purely 7 Eleven slurpees and penicillin is only fun for so many days. This is why I was overjoyed to be back to swallowing and eating like a normal human just in time for some internship events. Whilst I undergo internships in the name of 'experience', I can't deny the allure of swanky tables laden with loaded plates and full glasses, not to mention the enticing people that are seated around them. 

The revamped Oriental Teahouse on Chapel Street, looking stunning bathed in dim lighting and crimson orchids. 

Having my name monogrammed on my own possessions is one thing, but seeing it scrawled across a glossy piece of cardboard on my plate at a dinner party is another. My friend and I couldn't help but give each other a chuffed smirk and slide the ego-stroking ephemera into our clutches. Played it cool though. So, totally cool. 

This month saw a pair of Seed leopard sneakers waltz into my wardrobe, cut up my heels quite spectacularly and manage to get a way with it whilst still remaining the apple of my eye. I'm having a faux fur moment and these last remaining 41s weren't going to stay shelf-warming on my watch. 

VOGUE Living celebrated its 50th birthday this May, releasing a showstopper of a cover and a truly glorious edition of this cult home and lifestyle bible. This issue made my aspiring journo heart flutter and I rushed immediately to my newsagents to swipe up a copy. What a dreamboat. You don't look a day over 21. 

Despite refusing to convert to veganism any time soon (because cheese, duh), I had a stopover at The Alley in Richmond. I was sure to drag along one of my favourite vegan friends, and we sat catching up over biodynamic wines. Don't google it unless you are scientifically proficient because I truly understood nothing I read. 

On another intern callout, Rustica's new Hawthorn instalment had me on a pastry high. Having never been so close to flatlining after a brunch coma, this certified Melbourne hangout proved to be one to watch. The interiors were something to lust over, checking off just about every box on the intangible but unequivocally real How to Make Brunch Melbourne-Proof list. Neon signs, pastel tiling, concrete pillars, hanging greens, timber ceilings, light-spilled tables, scandy booths - ooo, stop it.

Next time I'll need to bring a bigger bag in order to smuggle every cronut available out of that pretty little building.

To read up on my full reviews and see some more scandalous #foodporn, get clicking at: 

June, you're going to be dropping a few degrees and also seeing my tonsils come out under the knife. For some reason I can't quite imagine you topping May, but let's hope you're skilled in the art of surprise.

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