Saturday, 10 June 2017

On The Rocks, Please

Normally when I utter the phrase 'the rocks', it is proceeded by the request of a translucent alcoholic beverage and followed up with a disoriented scramble for a $10 note under the dim lighting of a neon bar sign.

Just kidding, I'm not a 55 year old male and therefore have never uttered that phrase publicly unless in serious jest.

Today is a rarity in which those two words are not synonymous with ice cubes.

Mornington /  The Rocks.

Blue-washed beach shack exteriors are adorned with prop-like seagulls, perched on crisp white trimmings to create a seaside aesthetic that screeeams Brighton, England.

This charming restaurant overlooks an overwhelming sheet of blue, festooned with quaintly-named boats and a splintered pier that props a trail of hopeful fishermen in the pursuit of their afternoon catch.

The open panes of glass create a lofty, breezy feel whilst ensuring that you are in VIP seats to carry out the all-important task of people-watching - one which I attend with more seriousness than my entire semester of university assignments combined.  

There is so much blue and white present in this little microcosm of Mornington that you might just start singing that one absolute gem of an Eiffel 65 song whilst strategising your nautical nod of an Insta.

I momentarily forgot it was Winter today until I mustered an order of a regular cappuccino instead of my signature iced latte.

I hope that by now you have googled Eiffel 65 and the penny has dropped. Enjoy having that play on a constant loop in your head for the next 24 hours. You are welcome.

P.S. Happy birthday to the Queen!!! What a babe! If it wasn't for that stylish lady, we wouldn't be out galavanting on our Saturdays and bypassing all errands/work/washing till the Sunday/Monday extension arrives.

Who am I kidding, I refuse to do anything until Tuesday dawns.

Have a good menu-scroll and a general stickybeak of The Rocks here. Happy dining.

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